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(No, I’m not getting paid to say this, sadly)

Say hi to the one tablet that will most likely rock the market:

Introducing S1 (left) and S2 (right)!

After trying its luck with PSMove and surprisingly succeeding more than I thought it would (although giving some Nintendo “people” (read: Shigeru) a true Poker Face during E3), Sony decided to embark head-on in the tablet industry, presenting in Tokyo the S1 (the big one there, 9.4″ screen) and S2 (you know, the one that looks like a Nintendo DS with two 5.5″ screens). Both have cameras and a Tegra 2 SoC (nVidia) processor, along with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. The S2 also doubles as an e-book reader (at least it has an app for it) and is in the “clamshell” format, making it incredibly easy to handle and pocket in.

See what I mean?

S1 is supposed to be incredibly light and, yet, able to sustain a good level of comfort through extended use. S2, on the other hand, also has some buttons to control how the screens react, since you can use a simple or double screen system, which also means both can interact independently. both with Android 3.0 (oh yes it is the sweet and delicious Honeycomb), a quick to use interface and a more than obvious PlayStation certificate, making them able to connect to any network (a.k.a. PSN, but that’s still to be really confirmed) and playing most low-end PlayStation games (think PS1 oh God PS1 classics with dual screen give me two now).

Plus, many other features from Sony itself, like the ability to stream videos and music to televisions through DLNA wireless, infrared to be used with their Bravia televisions and much more (or so they say, I wanna confirm this before anything else). On the infrared note, S1 can be used as a remote control for most Sony apparels.

You can check on more photos of these beauties here, and a quite small presentation video here!

Sony's S2, closed.

Now, why did I said it’d rock the market? If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s not due to their Sony-only-compatibility. No, Sony televisions aren’t that high in sale charts, and with the PSN down for almost one week, it’s not like the PS3 got any positive looks. It’ll shake down the tablet market solely because of Android 3.0. With its apps, functionality and so on, we can only hope (again with hopes) for an incredibly high ability to customize them.

And I doubt they won’t be “hackable” so users can emulate other systems and play PS1 games just fine, for free (yar-har and a bottle of rum). Hell, even PS3 had its security measures and look at what happened.

Prices are still to be announced (rumor has it that it’ll be $599 for S1 and $699 for S2), and I’m as eager as a thirsty man stranded on a desert. That aside, we can also expect good things from the NGP (PSP’s successor) and some acceptable ones from Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone, XPeria.

(I obviously own none of the pictures above)

Signing off with hopes no one sues me,

Arthur Müller.


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