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Here, have a free, awesome wallpaper! 1920x1200, by the way.

One month of WordPress. I told myself I wouldn’t transform this into a personal diary of sorts, but I guess monthly posts about anything at all never do any real harm.

I guess.

So, impressive month, eh? What with all that happened, deaths, weddings and so on. Some people are saying the Apocalypse comes this Saturday, May 21st, but I’m sure I can’t make it then. I’ll be too busy playing games and such, so yeah. But if you have the chance to attend to it, by all means, take some pictures and let me know who was there as well!

Now, to tell the truth –and changing subjects-, this blog was supposed to be about some random stories, just that. And maybe one or two thoughts. I saved the draft of the first one (Guingûr, King of the Seven Seas if I’m not awfully mistaken), but then I lost it. Not that I don’t recall everything, but it just feels like this blog lost that purpose. If I just posted it, as “cool” as it was (and it wasn’t anything special, in my opinion), it’d be like… A new kid in a class filled with people who already know each other. Lost and scared, missing classes and rarely seem due to not fitting in with everyone, or at least some other people.

The other main reason for me to not write stories, since I tend to create all of them –all of them– so fast and randomly that it become common for me to get about one complete story per day and losing it in the chaos that is life. Another reason –though not that important at all– is that I also imagine scenarios, in rich detail. Now, one might think this to be awesome and all, if one knew how to draw at least well. Or kinda well, depends on what you want, or on the art direction you’d like to take, it all depends, just like everything in life.

Concept art for Orzammar, the Dwarven City in Dragon Age.

Life. I seem to be thinking an awful lot about it and, honestly, I don’t really care. I think I’m on this stage in life where whatever comes, comes, and it’s all for the best. I think. Or at least it’s better than over-thinking things.

On an unrelated matter, here, have this video:


Funny how that makes me think about the future and, strangely, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If I knew I could make kinda of a living by just doing some minor jobs, I’d sure as hell spend my life traveling and taking pictures. Or just go abroad and teach English. Or maybe open up a small computer store and make somewhat of a living, no luxuries or anything. I’m not really an ambitious guy. When I take into consideration only myself, I mean.
Family is something completely different.

On a lighter note, yesterday was a good day, specially because of this:

Everyday I’m Hussie’in, by Octopimp (ft. Gamzee and Tavros)

Amazing, really amazing work! Gotta get that on a shirt someday.

Octopimp did the lyrics by himself, with some help from Livestream chat users and, pardon if you haven’t read Homestuck (or any other comic in MSPA) yet, but this is just perfect.

Superb, even.

And I wish the rain in here would never stop. I love rain.

(I own none of the images/videos/sounds above)

Wondering if it’s hard to make a living as a foreigner in Japan,

Arthur Müller.


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