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(And no images for this post, text wall about many things that also are not!)

Ah, to write! Who doesn’t love to write? Way back in the old days, that would mean get a quill, an inkwell, a parchment and hope to God you could write before sunset, otherwise you’d have to write using candles. Prior to the invention of eyeglasses (or the proper knowledge to fabricate them, since they seem to exist since circa 500 BC), you’d have to be lucky to write a lot without losing a good part of your eyesight (if you had a perfect one to start with, that is). I can only imagine how it must have been to write like that. In fact, I think I can’t at all because, since I was but a little child, I hated to write. Typing’s different, though: Love it. I can type without getting tired at all for ludicrously long periods of time, and that’s probably normal nowadays, specially with the rapid increase of computers and the more-than-fast widespread of the internet.

Alas, I’m missing my point.
And, at the same time, I am not!

After this entire off-topic and, sadly, gibberish-intro, one wouldn’t be able to realize that this is exactly one of the main problems of people who, like me, absolutely love to write (or type, if you want, but I’m a neological person, and this applies to meaning as well), but have no focus at all.

Actually, we do! But it’s far too diverse, being therefore viewed upon as laziness, since you don’t get to write what it is that you want. A bunch of content, without focus, is nothing but information. However, as already said in here (or so I trust), information is always something to cherish and uphold!

Admire information, love it, hug it closely to your bosom, kiss it, take it to dinner, make protected, safe and wild sex with it, information is simply the best thing in the whole world! Knowledge is power, as it is rightfully told, and of my favorite quotes of all time comes from one of my fondest and most intelligent idols, Oscar Wilde: “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.“. Here is a man from whom you can learn many, many great things, but don’t overlook others such as Machiavelli, Socrates, Plato or Dante.

Ah, where was I? Yes, yes, information. Although quite lovely itself, one must never forget that laziness is equally amazing! No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that awful type that makes you oh so unproductive, striking you down just when you are about to start on your new hit-series book and ready to embark on the eventful and amazing journey that it is to be a famous book writer in your teen years, after writing the many volumes of your literary masterpiece! Yeah, right. But I’ll blabber about that type of writer another day.

And when I say laziness, I mean the cozy and socially acceptable kind, where you just lose yourself in a world of blankets during a cold winter day, just resting and relaxing, enjoying the huge pleasure that it is to do nothing all day long. I miss those days already. The thing is, whenever I enter in one of those states, I just can’t seem to get out. Ever. And I’m pretty sure almost no one can, which is, in the very least, pitiful.

Admittedly, though, nothingness can only entertain one for so long, and soon boredom becomes our worst rival, a true arch-enemy! How amazing it is that most of us, during our short life spawn, are never satisfied with things and, when everything settles down and becomes routine, we need to do something else, unless we want to become madmen. When we do find an exciting activity to keep us busy for a good amount of time, it could quickly become too tiresome for our poor minds and bodies, which barely got out of an uneventful and peaceful life.I find it rather funny how we can never settle down for just the small things (or we can, and are rapidly labeled as complacent, or just lazy), but I also find it rather amusing. If not for this recklessness and brilliance of ours (often aided by a very short amount of time), I wouldn’t be able to write this bunch of nonsense for you, dear reader.

Albeit asking for too much, I’d also love it if at least I could just settle down for some moments and write about one specific thing at a time, without worrying too much about others. But another topic comes up right away, more news, more information to be held.

Again, I must say that this entire laziness business is just a poor man’s excuse for me to not start writing a book (again, for the third time—but I lost the files for the other two accidentally, so don’t blame me!), and that I should just metaphorically—or literally—slap my face and get started on it. Only after I finish writing all the ideas I had, just now, for this another sad excuse of a blog.

Asking myself why everything had to start with that letter,
Arthur Müller. 


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(Wallpaper) Ah, piracy, who doesn't do it???

If you never, ever pirated anything, then welcome to the Internet! Here you’ll find a nice .torrent client and then you get here, here or here to search for, well, anything you want! For anime and Japanese media in general, you can try here! Now why would I help you, newcomer who never pirated anything, on this illegal electronic enterprise?? Well, I don’t want you to be left alone in a world where pretty much anything that hits the internet is free!

That and I do not support piracy.

What!? Don't be amused, Dave!

But my case is a very, very specific one! Quite easy to understand, though.

I’ve been using the internet for downloads since I was a little boy, though I only did small things, like getting Roms for a set amount of time, getting some games, musics and so on. One funny thing, though, is that I used to keep a list of anything I truly enjoyed. Still do, as a matter of fact. Whenever possible, I buy the things in that list. See, the whole concept of having to pay so you can even try, see or listen to anything never hit me like a good one –and I know capitalism isn’t good itself, shush-.

So, why not get what you want and then, if you enjoy it… Buy? Makes perfect sense to me, since you’re helping out who makes such enjoyable things for you even if, apparently, there was no real cost for that, like small indie games. Or digitally sold albums since, you know, things take effort to be produced, and that is nowadays rewarded with money.

No, work is not free. Call me when you get out of Slavesville, please.

Getting anything off the internet and making a profit over it is clearly wrong, no mistake there. Therefore, if you get the newest album of your favorite band, burn it to a CD and sell it for a third of the actual price, you’re –for lack of a kinder word– an asshole. Now, downloading something for your own entertainment/use, that’s perfectly fine by me!

Now (and this should already be crystal clear to you), let’s say you really want to watch a movie that’s out on DVD (or Blu-ray, if you may), but you’re far too lazy to rent it and you don’t wanna buy it now. So, what do you do? Download and watch it! If you enjoy, buy the damn thing already! Or when you can, there’s not really a rush. I say this because the industry (any, but specially the games one) likes to say how they lost an incredible amount of money due to piracy when, in fact, those were (in the large majority of cases) just downloaded copies.

And yes, I am aware of the whole –dream– concept of piracy not being actually illegal, since it’s just copying things. This is where my opinion on piracy itself gets tricky.

But first, a stupid video:

Yes, stupid to a degree, and I’m certain you know why. If you don’t: It uses clever and ambiguous words like “ideas“, and silly examples like “bicycles” to masquerade (if you haven’t got it from the video, which is obvious) the fact that copying anything like music, games and so on is not actual, –il-legal theft and, therefore, should not be punished in any way whatsoever! Although one doesn’t profit (most of the times) with this, it’s considered piracy or, if you want specifics, copyright infringement. And with this I both agree and disagree.

Hell, take a look at Canada or The Netherlands for instance: You can download copied music just fine, without any kind of legal problems. Same in Spain, but you can’t make a profit out of that.

Seems they legalized common-sense. Perfect!

While on the subject:
Say no to DRM-protected media and pirate the fuck out of it, thanks.

(Wallpaper) This is actually somewhat instructive!

So, summing it all up, getting money out piracy is not cool, buying the product if you enjoyed it is. Though not everyone is so kind as to buy the product after the download.
Which is the only actual drawback with this policy, since trusting human beings wholly is as safe as hugging a flaming sea urchin (?) without being hurt at all.

Also, sharing is an amazing concept, I love it!
Sharing music, films, games and all that! For free!

But people need to make a living, so get realPlease.

(I own none of the images/videos above)

Considering now a place in The Netherlands,

Arthur Müller.

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Oh that poor, poor man's ears! Now he needs to hurt his friend!!

You know what? I know I already ranted about this, in general, on a previous post, but today, today things went a little too far. Now, I’m usually a very calm and centered person, those unlucky enough to know me can vouch for it. But every once in awhile, as an inhabitant of Brazil, I see some things that really bother me. I mean, more than usual.

I’d love to be talking about things that are already trivial to me and pretty much any other Brazilian (sadly), such as an evaluation on our faulty education system, security issues, awful politicians, infra-structure problems and so on. Granted, it’s like that (though to a much smaller degree) in most countries, it’s just “hidden” in a better way.

No, I shall talk about something that spoiled my day and made me realize how lost we are, in the near future, if no action is taken.


"Collection: Living, learning. - For a better life", used with 5th to 9th middle graders.

Firstly, let’s take this down by parts. This, if some of you know nothing about Brazil and/or Brazilian Portuguese, is the cover of an educational book, already translated up there. Doesn’t seem like much a big of a deal to some, sure, but it teaches something that looks almost fundamental: language is a living being, always changing and adapting itself when need arises. Yes, that’s correct.

Then again, it also says that, and I quote:

“You may be wondering, ‘But can I say “them books“?‘. Sure you can. But stay tuned because, depending on the situation, you run the risk of suffering language discrimination.”.


One could think I’m overreacting about this, but I most certainly am not. Most grammar books state that, although there is a colloquial aspect to all languages (the so called “slangs”), everyone should be wary of the correct form, study, learn it and use that, to write and speak. Yes, this sentence will be “fixed” in newer editions, but the mistake was already made. Once your country’s Ministry of Education and Culture authorizes such atrocity, it opens an entire array of precedents to future errors. Yes, errors.

Let’s say you talk like a “regular person”, using slangs here and there. I see no problems whatsoever, that’s quite common! Now, if you speak in a wrong, blatantly absurd way, because  you have no education level whatsoever (someone probably pulled your ear by now, and if not, I can’t let it slide), no worries, I can ignore it a bit and give you some fair warnings on language. For instance, if you say “I runned“. Some children tend to speak like this in English, usually due to their Latin creation, but one can speak like that without any Latin-derived heritage. As long as that’s corrected, I see no issues, honestly! Just don’t say “aw it’s cute for a kid to talk like that” instead of correcting him/her, please.

But if it was because you were actually taught that speaking like this is OK, or if you know you’re wrong and keep speaking “profanities” because “It’s okay.”, bear in mind that, with all due respect:
I shall discriminate the flying, flamboyant and flaming fuck out of you.

Our education in a couple of generations.

This is but one of the reasons our education system is so flawed. Again, granted, the book uses this as a simple example, saying that if you speak it wrongly, it’s OK, but you have to write things properly. We all know that he/she who speaks poorly, writes poorly, so when you tell a child that it’s OK for him/her to talk in any way he/she sees fitting, it “kinda” becomes a big deal.

In theory, a student just wants to –rather, should want to– learn what a teacher knows. If both are provided with tendentious materials, pointing that both uses are correct, the teacher will merely try to “impose” the correct way of using your theoretical knowledge, like on Grammar Lessons. The student, however, will quickly learn to use it on essays and so on, specially at a young age. Meaning they’ll grow to understand that this, although “wrong by the rules”, it’s even nice to use. I mean, everyone speaks like that, why not write like that too? Educators (and by this, I mean the ones in charge of releasing such books, who we dare to also refer to as “Educators”) tend to, more often than not, misjudge and underestimate a child’s mental capacities. They absorb too much info on early ages, and that’s something to be looked at with caution, not only in an academic environment, but other places as well, specially at home.

But they’re kids, it won’t be that bad for them to speak badly, will it!?

… Will it?

(I own none of the images above)

Time to hit those showers (during the cold oh God),

Arthur Müller.

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Actual Feminism, the pondered nice one, is something quite similar to Egalitarianism, in the sense that it just pursues equal rights for women who historically speaking, have been mistreated for, well, all of our time as a species. Times changed and so did us, though this form of mistreatment didn’t.

Now, for Modern Feminism (you know, the radical, senseless one), women are better than men.

Oh, sorry! Womyn, which is the “non-sexist” way of saying it. Yeah.

Hooray for equality of genders then.

Pretty much the whole start of Egalitarianism.

And here we have, the start of Egalitarianism, which is a train of thought based on the simple fact that everyone is equal, born, obviously, from the French Revolution, an inspiring historical movement in which many men and women died for a noble cause. Now, on the topic of Egalitarianism: This isn’t hard for me to look at, since we’re, first and foremost, humans. Modern Feminism, sadly, seems to be a rampaging, irrational chain of ideas that make perfect sense.

If you’re a woman who believe men should be subjugated for not being, well, womyn.

Well, the man has a point. I mean, BY GOD, HE IS A FEMINIST!

Lately though, this ideals have become even more absurd. It’s one thing to fight for equal rights, I agree completely with doing that. People are people, period. Unless you’re a criminal, but then Human Rights‘ got your back so don’t worry. Sigh.

Moving on, it’s another completely thing to argue non-stop, without plausible arguments, about imbecile things, like wanting to ban DNA exams.

Honestly? That’s absurd. Let’s say some woman slept with two guys on a very short period of time. One of them is a poor vagabond who has schizophrenia (or any other mental illness genetically transmitted) and the other one is a rich, handsome, lucky bastard. DNA would submit all parts to testing, prove her child belongs to the first and most obviously scaring away the latter, who would be the “best choice”.

There are tons of ways of handling this kind of situation, and if you start to consider feelings and such, the outcome’d be fairly obvious, regardless of results.

What!? NO! That'd be LUDICROUS! LAUGHABLE!! Women, people!?

“Oh but Mr. Arthur she needs to choose her child’s father!” I for one kindly and respectfully say: bullshit. Wouldn’t it be morally correct and overall better for her to choose that at, I don’t know, a moment prior intense, crazy sex? “Oh but we are womyn and we love sex just like men!!!”. Good. Bear in mind making it a lot like us men still isn’t the same, socially speaking.

(I do not own any of the images/links above)

Wondering what Napoleon would do with modern-feminists,

Arthur Müller.

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(Oh God I do have to attend to that wedding sudden change of plans)

Oh China, so good to see you at work!

So, most of us (as I take it) know that censorship is bad. To regulate things isn’t, then again that’s why we have labels all over the places indicating the adequate ages for movies, games and so on. Over the years, though, it has taken control of most media vehicles, like television, newspapers and so on. However, it came to a ludicrous point, where we think pretty much nothing is censored when, in fact, it’s omitted from us quite naturally. And not just news, but even means of speech and opinions, such as videos and articles (oh, no!) published online. Anything said online can be taken nowadays as a pejorative thing, which can lead to a lawsuit and worst things, so we tend to “self-censure” ourselves in many things, including in conversations. Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in an excerpt from 1984 (you know, the book).

Not that it’s that bad from where I’m standing, since I know how to differentiate things, much probably like you, dear reader. It’s bad, however, in the single aspect that it raises public, rebellious attitudes as being the correct, “free” ones.

Oh, U.S.A.! Land of The Free, how I love you!! Your opportunities and liberty, so nice!

How so? Let’s make it “simple”: say you dislike a specific singer, and you want to express your accumulated hatred of that person so everyone can see and agree with you (as already said, hate gives a lot of audience). Now, since no public vehicle is doing the job properly (read: swearing and making angry faces), you feel horrified about the amount of censure in these communication means and think that, as a concerned citizen, it’s nothing more than your sworn duty to uphold justice and do the righteous thing, which is expressing yourself online in the most hateful way you can find.

You see, that’s just not right –or correct, whatever word you wanna use for it-, mostly for the two following reasons:

  • Swearing doesn’t make you cooler.
    If you swear a lot, that just means you lack a rich vocabulary that could be used not only to express your opinion in a better way, but to enlighten your viewers with words they probably know nothing of! Fuck, of course you can swear, but not all the time, and it depends on the situation.
  • Being angry all the time means you have problems, mental ones.
    Seriously, it does, don’t be offended –although it can be just a hormonal thing, but let’s leave it at that-. Besides, it also means that you can’t control yourself during a proper speech or discussion, where calm arguments most likely win over. Unless the crowd is a bunch of uneducated people with a childish mentality, then yes, by all means, shout and swear at the top of your lungs! Then again, I defend that there’s a time and place for everything, so it’s OK for you to get mad at something specific. Just don’t make it so that your entire arguments are said with an angry and loud voice. Unless you work at a coal mine for half the wage you should get and want better working conditions. Which will probably just get you shot to death by your boss, but moving on.

No wait, I can read that, it's... ... It's... ... ... Damn it, I can't.

Now, this is what’s generally created by “our” sense of censorship, a hate-fueled ambition to express opinions in the most ridiculous way possible. Which is why I repeat: Managing things so they aren’t overly exposed to people who shouldn’t be viewing/listening/reading those is OK –of course, there’s something called maturity, so it’s not 100% applicable-, censorship like the one that “was” applied on China or even in the USA is, most definitely, not OK.

Unless you’re a power-hungry dictator (or a democratic/republican president disguised as one), then it’s all still fucked up fine!

(I own none of the images above)

Signing off and going to that wedding,

Arthur Müller.

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"Partying partying YEAH, partying partying YE--HEY JASON STOP!

Ah, horror music movies, how we love them! At least I do, and I must admit: They used to be so much better. Incredibly better. Not just because of one little thing called an actual plot-line, but the small things, like movies being about impressive and almost always impossible situations. I always laugh about them. “Oh, let’s sleep on an abandoned cabin near the lake where some kid was drowned, it’ll be fun!! Also, pot and sex, hooray!”. First, and I think I say this for pretty much anyone who’s reading: Who the fuck sleeps on an abandoned eerie house? No, seriously, who? If it’s the first time (1980), sure, mistakes happen quite a lot. Specially if it’s something done by teenagers used to orgies and drugs. Now. If it’s the twelfth motherfucking time (including space-orgies on Jason X (2002)), sorry, that’s not milking the cow for more money, that’s just plain imbecile.

"So nice, cozy and inviting!We'll have a blast, I'm sure!!

Most horror movies based on real-life possible scenarios popped a few decades ago, but nothing too fancy though. Just some snakes, caves, rampaging murderers attacking couples on stranded cars, sharks, the usual. The good thing about them was that, all in all, you connected with the characters, at least at the most basic level: Survival Instinct. Although, I’ll say that, if I was with my partner and some assassin showed up, I would try to run, escape. If it wasn’t possible, then screw it, I’m as good as dead anyway, why not face him like a true man? rawr

Then they got clever, and started to mix things up, my first record of it being something about snakes and a plane (2006). Go figure, I just know it was a motherfucking good film. Mainly because of the motherfuckers in it, but then again, Samuel L. Jackson tends to turn any bad movie into a good one with just his language. And his eyes.

I mean, look at them:

You just know, deep down inside, that he's on to something! Something big! Mmh...

Granted, that was an action-horror movie, and there were a lot of them back in the days, like Predator (1986). If you want an older film, sure, have classic Jaws (1975). And we seem to be getting an awful lot of them nowadays, it’s just insane. Where are the good horror movies, like Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)? … OK, it wasn’t a master-piece when you compare to other movies released back then, but it was a great film!

But no. Let’s keep doing remakes of old movies. Like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994). First one was good. Second one wasn’t, sorry. And now there’s going to be a third one. In, you guessed it, 3D! What is it with kids and 3D these days? I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care at all if that blood on-screen is splattering there or –supposedly– on my shirt, I’m sure of it. “Hey, let’s pay more to see this film for a third time–but wait: … … (Wait for it…) … … In three D!”.

I’d punch someone if that line was said to me (even as a joke).

(I own none of the images above)

Going to play some games now,

Arthur Müller.

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(No, not about Left4Dead, sadly for some)

Watch out! Ceiling Louis

I’m here to talk about good things, really good things: the wonder of pills! You know, those things that make pain go away, make you sleep properly, make you happy and make pretty much anything (except for pancakes)! That aside, they can also work as a vitamin supplement, serve as headache-killers, blood-pressure controllers and many other things! That being said, why aren’t you taking your pills right this instant?

But the real question, however, would be: Why do you need them?

Ah Louis, always grabbing pills! Such a fun, smart and weapon-handy man!

We seem to be needing more pills with each passing day, which’s obviously a bad thing. But then again, how most of us function without them? Face it, that headache you have every day because of work and personal problems clearly can only go away with a magic pill. Your high blood pressure? Forget controlling your eating behaviors, what matters is a good, tricky pill to do the job and get you ready for more work in your long, not-tiresome-in-the-slightest day! Oh, but you also have trouble sleeping at night? You just can’t get a good night’s shuteye?? Then yes, you, my friend, need more and more pills to get you nice and cozy in your warm bed!

The reason we need these pills, actually, is because our days have become busier with the passing centuries. Back in the good, real good days, a man would just have to grab his axe, armor, shield and head down to the battlefield, while a woman would just stick with house and kids! Granted, not the most gender-equal of centuries, but a good one! Nowadays, we seem to take credit in sleeping less and less, “producing” (read: tweeting) more and working extra hours just because it “pays the bills”. Our wild capitalism, although bringing wonders of technology and so on, also brought us tons of reason to shorten our life-span a bit more, one of them being the ability to have a “better life”.

So, we sleep less, eat less, get more stressed and can’t seem to find a peaceful moment (aside from Saturday) to rest, but that’s for the sake of more money and a better life. Really? Few –rather, rare– are the cases I know of people who worked their asses off without sleeping at all and got to a position where they could do pretty much no work at all and earn so much money even Harry Enfield would be jealous. We kill ourselves each day with tiresome studies and works because, in reality, that’s just the way life is.

All you need, actually, is to guard yourself against some things. Do you feel a headache every time a problem approaches? Work on that, try to get more relaxed! As funny as it may sound, meditation helps wonders against that. How about your blood pressure? Just take notes of what you should and shouldn’t eat, try to walk a bit more if you can, avoid stress and you’re pretty much set! As for having trouble sleeping at night, try to go to bed earlier and, if possible, always on one specific time, every day. Eventually, your body will get used to that and then presto, you’re sleeping normally again!

But, considering our awfully busy life-style, you most definitely need pills! Check with your parents if you don’t take pills at least once a day, they most likely do, and that turned into a rather common thing, cultural even. Granted, some people need pills for medical purposes, but unless you can’t find a better way to work around that (like said above), that’s being as lazy as it gets. And this is coming from a very, very lazy person!

Hahahah, Louis can't get enough of these pills, right Louis? ... Louis? Louis!?

I admit it, I’m somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to that, since I have –rather, I developed– what’d be classified as slight insomnia. Meaning, I have to tire myself as much as possible each and every day, otherwise I’ll just lie in bed, doing nothing for about one hour, until my body decides it’s enough and puts me down like a knocked-out loser in an MMA fight. That’d be easily solved if I took some pills right before lying down, yes. But then again, do I need to? According to what I said earlier, no, I don’t. Thing is, it’s within me that, although sleeping is a wonderful thing, it’s just a colossal waste of time! I could be sleeping instead of just staying awake, pretending that I’m doing something important. Get a proper rest and such. Or I could stay awake, browsing the internet and being obviously productive.

Then again, I’m willing to bet most of us are like that –and I’m also willing to bet most of you shook your heads in dismay the moment you read that last sentence-.

(I own none of the images/videos above, Louis or the magic pills)

Signing off to do some really boring, “productive” college work now,

Arthur Müller.

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