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First of, if you never heard of Harry Potter in your life, or just didn’t cared, please, do take 99 seconds to look at this video, quite spoiler-free and amazing, if you already know the series:

Now, what to say about this magic saga, that seemed to be just another book series but quickly turned her author into the first person to ever become a billionaire (as far as I know) by writing books? Many things, clearly, but the principal one, however, would be that, although I truly love this series, it’s not my favorite one. By just a tad, though.

Another important thing is that, albeit not my favorite one, it was the only one whose books I read day in and day out for a good period of time, two weeks (back when I was sick and in a hospital, I had nothing else to do and had the first 3 books at my disposal, brought from home). Probably read them about 10 times each, easily, without getting sick of them at all. In fact, each time I read one, the more I liked it, the first one still being my golden gem.

I actually remember that, back then, I wanted to read them so badly after I found out about such a mysterious and fantasizing story, that my dad got me the first one and said that he would only buy me the second one when I finished reading it, afraid I wouldn’t like the series. He was blatantly mistaken, though. After all, I practically grew up with Harry and his companions,  since I was about 11 years old by the moment I started on it.

Got the book by afternoon. On the early morning of the next day, I woke him up, excited about already finishing the book, and hastily made my way to the book store with him.

Look at that simple, yet nice adult cover.

The whole scenery where the story happens, both in the magical world of Hogwarts and in the “muggle world” is beautifully described, not just with rich, bright and luxurious details, but the entire surroundings are cautiously detailed in each chapter, each paragraph, not just within the characters’ encircling, but themselves as well, their diverse emotions and reactions to situations that, quite obviously, aren’t your normal ones, even in such a special place like Hogwarts. It’s truly charming how the author managed to express the diversity of personalities and make sure none of her characters (who can barely be called hers, since they do seem to have a particular life of their own, even more than in other novels) reacted out of it, since some were more mature (or immature) than their age portrayed them to be.

The actual story itself is, however, not only incredible, but also enticing. It’s far from being a child’s book (at least when you look at it as a whole), and it has this one small feature many, many series tried but failed to achieve: it matures itself with each new book. Since we’re following the story of Harry Potter, which starts without a doubt when he’s 11 years old, it may seem quite light-hearted and obvious how everything will play along during the first few books. But when we reach the fourth book, things start to take on more sinister twists, increasing with time, and not only the whole atmosphere, but the narrative itself tends to become more focused on it, getting slightly more indirect, less subjective and more emotional.

About characters death, that’s not as unexpected, since many die, in more ways than one, and this is not the first magical-based book series to do so. But I simply love the fact that it’s not just the main characters that die. If you read, and not necessarily with that much of attention, you can see right away that many characters who barely appear are portrayed and, by the end, accomplish feats and tasks with the same importance as the main ones (I take everyone with a name and more than 15 mentions as “main characters”).

What about the movies? Well, I saw the last one a couple of days ago, and I have one thing to say:

Always trust Snape!

Starting with the first one,  the entire cast seemed to be handpicked in such a way that you simply cannot imagine the series being played by other actors/actresses. Their performances, needless to say, was also breathtaking, and all of the movies (… With the slight exception of Prisoner of Azkaban, with all due respect) are loyal adaptations of the series. Ranging from special effects to the soundtrack and photography, this entire series is without a doubt, if you like it even if a bit, worthy of a marathon with friends and familiars.

But I’ll be honest: Despite growing up with this (and many other series, truth be told), I did not cried copiously during the whole last movie, like many did. There were parts, however, that I couldn’t hold myself to tear up a bit, I admit. But I see no reason to cry and be so sad about “the end of it all”.

After all, if you think about it, it’s just closure to a specific part of ours (or, rather, my) life, a series that ended some time ago in its book format and just now in the film one. It’s nothing to be sad about.

If anything, life goes on and, as stated before, J.K.’s characters also have a life of their own, and so should we.

After all this time, still writing,
Arthur Müller.


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Few are the people who don’t want to travel somewhere. Some would love to go to London, Berlin or Paris, others can’t wait to know Sydney, New York, Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai or São Paulo, heck, there are many places to see! I, for one and, naively, would like to know the world. But I don’t mean just the main global capitals, that’d be nice but not everything I want. And I don’t mean just visit either. What, I’ve got about 40, maybe 50 years ahead of me? That’s not much time left, and I’m sure I won’t become an actual immortal.

Then again, I’m not entirely sure about the need to travel to places, mostly since booksand now the internet– can take me pretty much anywhere. Still, it’d be nice to live for a few years in different places. For instance…

Ah, Amsterdam, such a nice place to be!

This is the dream of many youngsters. Imagine, a place with legalized weed, prostitution and some clubs! Although I’d just stick with the clubs, living in Amsterdam for a few years would be nice. I honestly have no idea of what I’d do to survive there, sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Get a job as a book store clerk or a librarian, carry loads of fishes and other sort of foods somewhere, or even get by fixing old people’s computers for a reasonable price. All I’m aware is that it’d be an amazing experience!

São Paulo!

Are you kidding me? This city has an incredible cultural diversity, and I wouldn’t mind working there as, well, pretty much anything. Though it’d be nice to try my luck as an assistant graphic designer. Sure, I have no practical experience in the area, and although I’m handy using softwares, I can’t draw to save my life (thus, assistant), but it’d still be nice. And I don’t really care about the payment, as long as I can get a place to live, it’s relatively clean and can fit my computer. Also, internet connection. Then, I’m set.

Tokyo Tower brings back some good, old memories I'm rather fond of...

No, honestly, this is a silly wish I have. Tons of people go there just to “teach English”, and that’s also one of the things I want to do. Mainly because I know English and I like to teach. Granted, I’m not graduated for that, but I’ll be in some time, so no worries there. Plus, it’d be just lovely. I know, millions crowded in tiny places etc., but that wouldn’t bother me. What would, though, is the supposed bias on foreigners. Who knows, I could also work full-time at an electronic store, or help at a takoyaki place. I’m pretty sure I know how to cook  a few of these, according to the number of videos I saw and articles I read about it. At least I hope I know how to. I’d also love to just stay at a Buddhist temple, praying and helping the place out, no problems whatsoever. Talk about eclectic.

But I’d be cool doing anything else too, like racing or drifting for money.

Despite what people say, it was a good film.

Ah, the Vatican. Such beauty!

Just thinking of this place makes me wonder all the historical events that took place there, and how awesome it’d be for me to live there for some time, studying them. Funnily enough, I’d just have to learn Latin and, maybe, just maybe, Greek (I’d also love to stay some time in Greece!), then I’d be set as some sort of translator. Or interpreter. Or no, I could work again on a small store, I really don’t mind about income, as said above. As long as I can get by, that’d be fine. And again, this would also be one hell of an experience! Mmh… Or I could graduate in Theology and go there, that could work too. I suppose.

I knew something was amiss! London!

Bouncer. Yeah, I’d work as a bouncer in here and, although I’m almost sure I wouldn’t be hired, it’d still be awesome to be one. That or learn how to produce some cool beats, organize a few set lists and improvise as a DJ of sorts. No, no dubstep. I even thought of applying to work on London’s police force, or do some of the other jobs mentioned above. Anyhow, that’d be great! Not one of the safest places ever, but it’s not like I don’t live in a place like that too. Maybe I could get a job at a local clinic too, doing some minor work of sorts. Not that I’d mind going to other places, like Africa for instance, and do that. It’d also contribute to remarkable experiences in life!

Seoul, the marvelous capital of South Korea!

Oh look, another Asiatic capital! But still, in here I think I’d give a shot as a stock market employee. Or, although highly unlikely, get a job as a writer for a Korean pop magazine which debuts new bands every month or so. Yeah, that could work nicely, I guess. Plus, I’d get to listen to all that k-pop every day just fine. I could even work as an assistant at the music entertainment business… Now I’m strongly tempted to stay there for more than a couple of years. Oh well.

I mean, look:

Not for many, granted, but I for one really like them. All of them.

Sweet, sweet Paris!

Paris is easy, if I get good at drawing I’ll be just one more of the many sketch artists who wander aimlessly around the Eiffel Tower, or even better, work at a bakery shop! Or a café, as a waiter… Although my coordination isn’t all that good, I do think I could serve one table at a time. Perhaps two if I try hard enough!

But, realistically speaking, I probably won’t be able to live in all of these places for a few years, but just visiting them, taking a few semi-professional pictures and writing about it would already be amazing.

(I own none of the images or videos above)

Wondering if it’s hard to get a place in Seoul or Tokyo,

Arthur Müller.

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I rarely dream. And I mean actual dreams, not those semi-awaken thoughts you have while dozing off somewhere. Many people I know dream, and some dream quite often, but that’s a luxury I’m not too fond of. First of, dreams are (scientifically speaking) just flashes of your memory, usually your more recent one, due to your brain “organizing” past events for easier recognition. That and most people tend to subconsciously think of many “hallucinogenic” things. Plus, most people don’t remember their dreams. I had a constant, repetitive, sadistic dream back in 2008, but not going into details now.

Not to say, though, that I never dreamed before that, or that I don’t recall those dreams either. And, on the dream subject, one thing that I find odd (not weird, just odd) is how people can be extremely influenced by random images that happen to be shown to you during your sleep. Then again, I’m not the wisest person alive, so I don’t know if dream interpretation holds any truth or not. All I know is that people who freak out about a dream being the foresight of something isn’t that much of an welcoming topic. I mean, I’m a good listener and all, but telling me you’re certain someone will die isn’t that appealing.

Maybe you losing your tooth in a dream just means you had a tooth pain of sorts recently…? Just maybe.

The Dream, by Henri Rousseau.

The farthest dream I can recall is actually a series of the same (they seem to happen often with me), when I had… 10 years, I guess. Some Japanese girl about the same age as I had, short silver hair and a constant smile. No, I didn’t watched glorious anime too much back then, and none had that kind of character. The weird part, though, was that first we were sitting outside some store in a mall, and then I was outside what looked like her house, but it was built with decadent wooden boards, like all the ones in what appeared to be a small, fishing village. Well, it was on the coast and having some boats and fishing nets nearby. She seemed to be eating dinner while I was in the rain, waiting, or just looking at her with a null expression.

Fine, not the most amazing, exciting and/or intriguing dream of all, but it happened in a series of years, with just small changes, like her smile’s size or the amount of rain that poured on the outside. And that went on for two months or so, then it suddenly stopped. Oh well.

Like her, but as a child and without the glasses.

Now, about random thoughts, oh buoy. I get those all the time, like many of you probably do, but on a much bigger frequency, due to the fact that, while I do have lots of things to do and in theory shouldn’t even have time to write in here, I procrastinate like crazy. In fact, I should start one of my many works after this, better safe than sorry!

Getting lost in thoughts, thinking things aloud, creating scenarios and possibilities for everything at least three times per thought, all of those eventually become an art of sorts. Many share this, specially if you’re technologically needy (like I am). And, although it is an art, so to speak, it’s a very bothersome one, specially since my attention span is like that of a child in a foreign, colorful and exotic field trying to listen to a scientific explanation.

Yeah, not that big at all.

Though I do wonder what’d it be like to have a lucid dream. Never had one, the few people I know who perform this say it’s amazing and, honestly, I don’t think I’d get out of one alive. I love to sleep and, at the same time, I hate it, because I’m wasting too much time while doing so. I could use that time to think of new, better ways to improve my days, or to think of solutions, or even sleep way less (which is what I started doing after college gee thank you college).

If I could lucid dream, instead of flying over an ocean of lava and cogs, I think I’d think about things, a lot.

Though flying above an ocean of lava and clogs is tempting.

I mean, look:

Oh God the Land of Heat and Clockwork.

One day, one day…

(I own none of the images above)

Signing out ready to procrastinate more,

Arthur Müller.

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So bright, so dazzling, so energy-filled... Wait... Wouldn't that be...

So, tomorrow is May 21st, Saturday, Judgement day, when the Rapture will happen. Again. Now, I’m not making fun of it or something, I’m just saying that it was supposed to happen some good time ago. Eleven times, to be more specific. Then again, 12 is somewhat of a lucky number. And for those who don’t know, this doesn’t mean the world will suddenly end this Saturday, it’s just the beginning of five months filled with suffering and tribulations for those who didn’t accepted He, made of pure love, as their saviors.

I’m glad, though. It means the world will end in five more months, after my birthday. Thus, more time to party! Until, of course, the horrible –and already predictable– end:

I just hope no one asks me to go anywhere tomorrow. With all due respect, but I don’t plan to miss out on what’s going to happen in the next five months! Plus, my birthday is in October, so I’m not gonna miss two parties because of that! If someone asks me to go to Rapture tomorrow, this is what I’ll do:

I’ll get on my computer.

And I’ll play.


Ah, Rapture City! THIS is a good place to live! The music, the culture, the hierarchy!

One day, though, real apocalypse will happen. There are many theories to it, but let’s face it: We’re on an universe filled to the brim with galaxies, stars and planets. Just the fact that no deathly meteor stroke us during our short-lived life as a species is something to celebrate. Add that to the perfect environment for our kind to procreate and damn, we’re as lucky as we can get. I for one would love to believe in Newton’s theory, but he calculated “our Rapture date” on pencil and paper. Yeah, without a computer. I mean, he could be off by a couple thousand years, who knows!?

And, on the subject of apocalypse, eventually resources run out. Big wars rage on.

Or solar flares happen.

Ah Nic, amazing acting, as always… Ahem.

Anything could happen to us, and it’s just a matter of time. To be honest, I’m surprised we haven’t nuked ourselves to death so far! Sure, some other places got nuked, but look at them! Hiroshima and Nagasaki are excellent examples that anything is possible with enough determination and, obviously, money. Japan was always a place to look to in times like these, and I’m sure that in less than 5 years it’ll be amaz—oh geez. What am I saying!?

We only have 5 months!

(I own none of the images/videos above)

Thinking if it’s possible to live life at its fullest in 5 months,

Arthur Müller.

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These are quite the lovely decorations, wouldn't you say?

First of: I kinda like weddings, just not when I’m the one paying for it. Yes, call me whatever you may, at least I admit it. If not for the ludicrous amount of money spent, I’d marry in a more religious way just fine. What? Come on, good food, good beverages, music (live, most of the time), desperate people who go to weddings just to get a chance at someone and, consequentially, are the source of plenty, funny storied later on. What could you possibly dislike in here? Unless, of course, you’re not the religious type, which could explain a lot of things. Oh well. Not that you can’t have that big of a party and marry just formally anyway, so it’s pretty much a win-win situation. Aside the cost, but I said that already.

But I’m writing about them, mostly, because I have one to attend today. And I intend to skip it in order to get some work done and catch the movies with a few friends. Sounds awful, right, but I was invited purely out of courtesy and good-manners, so I don’t see why I can’t skip it. Though, I don’t think I’ll be losing a lot. Free food and drinks, a really nice party and all that, yeah. Right. Parties.

I’m not much of a party-man myself. In fact, I skipped –yet– another one today.

Now, what I expect to be on this wedding, aside all of the aforementioned: Single women and men in my “age-range” (so to speak) drinking like crazy, laughing and trying to find someone well-endowed (in any sense of the word) and hitting on everyone they can, couples laughing and enjoying themselves while, most possibly, speaking ill about most people (or the party, as usualand, while most people do so on a regular basis regardless of the environment or time, I mean that they’ll almost exclusively do this throughout the course of said wedding. Also the usual cake eating and bouquet throwing scene.

All of that traded off for an animation featuring animals in Rio and, possibly, some pizza later on.

Though I must admit, must be fun to catch it.

As attractive as weddings sounds to most, I’d definitely spend my time on that event sitting on some chair, wondering about the numerous and obviously petty things I do all the time, like how long it took for them to organize things, what kind of experience the cooks have, if I’d be able to grab the bouquet from the hands of a desperate young lady and flee the crime scene like the mind-caged madman that I am. You know, the usual.

Until, of course, someone (most likely the couple or their parents) asks me to stop sitting in my place, smiling, get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Yeah, right. Dancing.

Or, in my language, “jumping really high and/or waving your arms in a silly way while moving through the dance floor”. It’s not that I don’t like to dance, I do, really! Just actual dancing, not this modern debauchery (in my oh-so-humble opinion) they call “dancing”. And if I ever engaged in such behavior, in my defense, it was purely because I was surrounded by friends and was having a laugh at it! One of the other reasons I skipped today’s party, by the way, was because it involves a lot of “dancing around”.

Lovely handcuffs---

Not to say I wouldn’t give off the best possible wedding ever if my future partner so desires. It is a special day, after all. Even though most women use it to envy upon their so-called friend, and even though it’s not always the wife who shines the most during a wedding, it still holds some strong meanings to most. Plus, you get to show off how much you can actually spend just to throw a big party (if you care about this).

For me, Saturday won’t be that special of a day. In fact, it’ll probably be just as regular as any other day. But to some brides, it’ll be a day to remember.

Until, of course, divorce happens, since its rates are going up by the month.

(I own none of the images above)

Going to bed and straight out to a busy, busy Saturday,

Arthur Müller.

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First things first, Fourth of May. What happened in that day that was just so, so special? Nothing much, aside the International Firefighter’s Day (which is a big deal, thanks to all of you firefighters out there!), there’s something else. Something really good, actually:


Star Wars Day! Born due to the pronunciation (“May the Force”, “Fourth of May” etc.), it’s a day to rejoice and celebrate one of our –well, at least my– favorite science-fiction works ever done! Back in ye old days, it was amazing to see such effects in a movie, explosions, colossal ships and such, all mashed up together in an amazing space opera. I got the chance to see the three last movies before going out to check on the brand new Episode I (thanks a ton for that experience, dad!), and I had no idea of the scene pictured above, and how it’d get so well explained throughout the years!

Now imagine having one of these at your disposal! Amazing, I know.

Oh, how I love Star Wars. Not just everything I mentioned before, but the soundtrack is also really well done, the speeches and even (or, rather, specially) the comical scenes are really well made! Not to mention that, from the movies, a whole bunch of games, series and comics originated. If you never played The Force Unleashed (1 or 2), then you don’t know what fun it is to crush a robot’s head with sheer Force. Though I have to admit, you’d do well to play the RPGs as well, such as Knights of the Old Republic (again, 1 or 2), or even a more open game, like Battlefront 2, Rogue Squadron, Republic Commando or Tie Fighter.

That scene, in all honesty, dazzled me.

Not much else to say, I mean, I could comment on all of the movies independently, but I suppose you, as an avid learner, already know everything there is to know about Star Wars –and, if possible, Star Trek, Stargate and, heck, even Mass Effect-, so I shall end on the topic here.

And begin talking about, well, today!

Ah, Cinco de Mayo!

So, today is May 5th! It’s the birthday of Chris Brown, when the last surviving World War I veteran died (R.I.P. Claude Choules), Japanese/South Korean Children’s Day (though I think that, according to timezones, it’d be yesterday for me. Oh well!) but, more importantly, it’s Cinco de Mayo (at least it’s celebrated in the U.S.A. and Mexico)! It’s a very important day, because it was when the Battle of Puebla was won by the Mexican army against the French one. Does the U.S.A. have anything to do with that, directly? Well, no! Does it stop them from also getting drunk? Again, no! It’s just like St. Patrick’s Day, where everyone’s Irish and drink to their hearts content! Which I find a very odd, yet socially acceptable concept. I mean, when you have the perfect excuse –in form of a holiday– to eat different types of food, party a lot and drink until you call everyone around you “amigo“, common-sense dictates that you should!

At least, the usual common-sense found in most people.

(I own none of the images above)

Signing off without a “NOOOOOO!“,

Arthur Müller.

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Too early, William. Too early.

Ah, the Royal Wedding! Everyone talked about it, it was the event of the week, and we thought it was the most marvelous wedding ever done (although I barely saw it). Most of British citizens (and then lots of people around the world) eagerly anticipated it (granted, not me, but who cares about it?), and with good reason. There hasn’t been a wedding of this magnitude in some time, add to that the fact that it’s a royal event… Hell, someone even tattooed the couple on his teeth:

Such a royal smile!

… Well, I wasn’t awaiting for that wedding, and I sure didn’t woke up at 5 am (here in Rio) to catch the live transmission. If anything, I saw the kissing scene right before leaving to college, and I was a tad sad due to the fact that the planes (?) flying over them. Oh well, at least they did got married and nothing much happened.

Just a lot of mugs and robberies near the Westminster Abbey, but really, who cares? There was a wedding happening, they had to secure the maids of honor! Seriously now, I wish them all the happiness. But I didn’t cared at all about their wedding, specifically saying.

Although I do care enough about the whole event to speak about it, as you could see.

And they lived happily ever after...

And then something else happened, and almost overshadowed all the nice bouquets and decorations at the Abbey: John Paul II’s beatification.


Since his death, in 2005, the faithful catholics broke the respectful silence (after some time, obviously) with all the voices asking for a sanctification (“Santo Subito”), it was about time he became a saint, at least according to “Catholic rules” (per se), which basically means he was a modern-time hero and performed two confirmed miracles. More than one million and a half applauded for about eight minutes, and then had to be silenced so the ceremony could carry on. He’s expected to become a saint anytime now, since his process was “rushed”. Some say it was because of the Catholic Church losing followers after the Pope’s death, but those are just theories. Logical, but just theories.

The White House: Donald Trump way.

Now, we all know (or should, at least) how Donald Trump, highly probable candidate for the 2012 north-american president elections, started to poke into a quite relevant issue: Obama’s birth certificate. You see, turns out that if you’re not born in the USA, you can’t be president. Who knew!? Apparently, Trump did, and it took quite some time for Obama to get his certificate. When he did find it, he even joked about Trump getting into the elections. And, of course, all Donald could do was sit there and “laugh”. But boy, was it priceless.

Still, that didn’t took that much of the spotlights from Obama, who had his popularity going down bit by bit.

Until Osama came back from the living. Just to die. What a bummer, eh?

No Osama, not first! Third, second place!

To top our most sensational week, he died. After a ludicrous excuse so Bush could sent a huge army there, fifteen (if I recall correctly) attempts and lots of money spent over almost ten years, Osama was shot in his mansion near Islamabad, at Abbottabad. There was a lot of explosions, shots, fire and most of us heard about it while on Twitter (due, in big part, to this fellow here who also tweeted about the helicopter crash). Quite convenient that it happened just now, without, you know, photos, just the standard procedure. Not to mention the body was thrown in the sea because they had “no viable time to find a place suitable to bury his body”.


Damn it!

Honestly speaking though, isn’t it grand, when you kill the world’s most wanted terrorist –even if his group, Al Qaeda, said there would be retaliation against his death in the form of bombs and what-a-not-, why not tell the whole world about it??

Not like they’ll choose a new leader right off the bat and start to plan their counter-attacks just because you finished their top player’s killing streak, right?


"You're forgiven please be our president again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"

Al-Qaeda apparently already named a successor for Osama, and he’s set on a revenge against the death of our new media focus, the dead-bearded-guy-who-liked-to-kill-capitalist-pigs. His name is Ayman al-Zawahri, and as an Egyptian medic, his strike will probably be rather surgical.

Good thing us, Brazilians, have nothing to worry about, right? Aside from the theory that USA is already focusing on us, by leaving some navy ships in and out of a position that overviews our coast, and the already-known north-american military bases across the amazonian forest.

… I wonder if it’s hard to learn Chinese and adapt to their culture.

(I own none of the pictures/links above)

Signing off knowing a game about Osama’s hunt and death will be done,

Arthur Müller.

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