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Shush Ariel, you're the popular one!

Yes, I like it, do you have a problem with that, Ariel? In fact, I like Synthpop very much so! But when did it all started? Good question. I think it was with curiosity, a few years ago, about 10 or so, I heard the name “Blue Monday” quite often, looked it up on channels and so on until this came in:

Thank you past-MTV-when-you-were-good! But that’s me and my liking on Synthpop. The genre itself, though, started way back in the 70s, almost 80s, as a mix of Kraftwerk‘s synthetizers, David Bowie‘s Glam Rock and Roxy Music‘s style, existing as part of the New Wave musical movement. Weird? Not quite so if you ask Donna Summers, who, with her album “I Remember Yesterday“, made something of retrospect on genres, going from the 40s to the 60s and ending in the 70s with this music:

Granted, it’s more a disco music than anything else, but these beats also influenced many, many bands. Plus, it became a gay anthem if I recall correctly, but never mind that. Thing is, from here on, it was all about diversification. And it spread worldwide, it wasn’t stuck just to the British “music circle”, which, if you know, created the very foundations of many other genres. Look at this, for instance:

Yellow Magic Orchestra, a Japanese band which released its first album as Synthpop, and then went on to Electropop (pioneering in this, mind you), also gave a good head start for the genre, allowing more and more music to be produced, like Tubeway Army‘s “Are Friends Electric?“:

And then band member Gary Numan went solo with “The Pleasure Principle“, reaching the top of music charts with his single, “Cars” which is, in my humble opinion, a very good song. Here, have at you (God why there are so many videos in this post I feel like it’s empty, but then I hear this songs and all is well in the world):

Quite other artists appeared, but to spare you all on more and more videos, let’s move on. Later, came the already-mentioned New Order and other bands that are truly amazing as well, one of which you probably heard without even knowing: Depache Mode, A-ha, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure. The latter stared one of its songs, mixed, in a very, very popular flash game:

Now don’t tell me you never played Robot Unicorn Attack! That aside, Synthpop declined a tad bit in popularity, but it still is one of my favorite genres ever (yes I do have tons of favorite genres so what?)!

(Quite sadly, I own none of the pictures/videos/games above)

Off to live in harmony harmony oh love,

Arthur Müller.


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