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(Wallpaper) Ah, piracy, who doesn't do it???

If you never, ever pirated anything, then welcome to the Internet! Here you’ll find a nice .torrent client and then you get here, here or here to search for, well, anything you want! For anime and Japanese media in general, you can try here! Now why would I help you, newcomer who never pirated anything, on this illegal electronic enterprise?? Well, I don’t want you to be left alone in a world where pretty much anything that hits the internet is free!

That and I do not support piracy.

What!? Don't be amused, Dave!

But my case is a very, very specific one! Quite easy to understand, though.

I’ve been using the internet for downloads since I was a little boy, though I only did small things, like getting Roms for a set amount of time, getting some games, musics and so on. One funny thing, though, is that I used to keep a list of anything I truly enjoyed. Still do, as a matter of fact. Whenever possible, I buy the things in that list. See, the whole concept of having to pay so you can even try, see or listen to anything never hit me like a good one –and I know capitalism isn’t good itself, shush-.

So, why not get what you want and then, if you enjoy it… Buy? Makes perfect sense to me, since you’re helping out who makes such enjoyable things for you even if, apparently, there was no real cost for that, like small indie games. Or digitally sold albums since, you know, things take effort to be produced, and that is nowadays rewarded with money.

No, work is not free. Call me when you get out of Slavesville, please.

Getting anything off the internet and making a profit over it is clearly wrong, no mistake there. Therefore, if you get the newest album of your favorite band, burn it to a CD and sell it for a third of the actual price, you’re –for lack of a kinder word– an asshole. Now, downloading something for your own entertainment/use, that’s perfectly fine by me!

Now (and this should already be crystal clear to you), let’s say you really want to watch a movie that’s out on DVD (or Blu-ray, if you may), but you’re far too lazy to rent it and you don’t wanna buy it now. So, what do you do? Download and watch it! If you enjoy, buy the damn thing already! Or when you can, there’s not really a rush. I say this because the industry (any, but specially the games one) likes to say how they lost an incredible amount of money due to piracy when, in fact, those were (in the large majority of cases) just downloaded copies.

And yes, I am aware of the whole –dream– concept of piracy not being actually illegal, since it’s just copying things. This is where my opinion on piracy itself gets tricky.

But first, a stupid video:

Yes, stupid to a degree, and I’m certain you know why. If you don’t: It uses clever and ambiguous words like “ideas“, and silly examples like “bicycles” to masquerade (if you haven’t got it from the video, which is obvious) the fact that copying anything like music, games and so on is not actual, –il-legal theft and, therefore, should not be punished in any way whatsoever! Although one doesn’t profit (most of the times) with this, it’s considered piracy or, if you want specifics, copyright infringement. And with this I both agree and disagree.

Hell, take a look at Canada or The Netherlands for instance: You can download copied music just fine, without any kind of legal problems. Same in Spain, but you can’t make a profit out of that.

Seems they legalized common-sense. Perfect!

While on the subject:
Say no to DRM-protected media and pirate the fuck out of it, thanks.

(Wallpaper) This is actually somewhat instructive!

So, summing it all up, getting money out piracy is not cool, buying the product if you enjoyed it is. Though not everyone is so kind as to buy the product after the download.
Which is the only actual drawback with this policy, since trusting human beings wholly is as safe as hugging a flaming sea urchin (?) without being hurt at all.

Also, sharing is an amazing concept, I love it!
Sharing music, films, games and all that! For free!

But people need to make a living, so get realPlease.

(I own none of the images/videos above)

Considering now a place in The Netherlands,

Arthur Müller.


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