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Dead Island

What’s this? Another zombie game!? Oh God not again–oh look, a family.

How lovely this family looks!

Dead Island is pretty much your average zombie-killing game, but with a few twists! I mean, who would’ve imagined that a zombie outbreak would hit an island, and a paradisaic one out of all places? The plot still isn’t fully revealed, just that you wake up after a night’s party, with the outbreak already wrecking havoc upon the island. From what you can see, the mechanics are kinda… Mended with the ones from other games. Almost like a rag doll, but cute and functional (at least we hope so).

The game does have on thing that’s essential for most of this genre, but quite often and, sadly, forgotten: Stamina. After some period running and/or attacking, your Stamina Bar decreases, and this depends –obviously– on the weapon you’re wielding. I hope it’s not just on that, seeing how there’s rain in the game which would, realistically speaking, slow you down a bit and even slip (think Dead Rising 2). Speaking of which, wasn’t there a workbench mechanic on it, so you could put weapons together? In Dead Island, this seems a bit more explored, seeing how you can also fix your weapons.

What have they done...!?

Also, while on the weapons subject, some zombies seem to have some. Or, at least, to use their bones as some kind of weapon (like “The Butcher”, who flails his radius/ulna around to hit you). Therefore, you need to focus your attacks if you want to survive longer and, obviously, to choose your opponents, since your stamina bar depletes kinda fast. So you get to also break arms and legs in Dead Island, aiming on said limbs to weaken your undead enemies, or even disarm them.

Dead Space, anyone?

Not that it’s all that bad, I mean, it’s a mechanic that makes perfect sense. It’s just slightly over-used (in “”gaming terms””). Then again, I never said I didn’t welcomed it! This fine piece of unreleased game also has, mind you, a few things from an RPG game. You know what else it borrowed from some RPG engines? Fast-travel.

Oblivion (well, yeah, not the only example, but the more practical one) says hi.

But he just wants a hug!!

One thing I didn’t quite understood was, if there’s quests and all that, but the island is so big it makes the use of fast-travel valid, why would they like to focus on it being “a very pretty place where you can doze off for a bit, given its beauty”? You’ll probably use fast-travel a lot, I hope there’s some way to circumvent this.

And please God let it not be awful collectibles like the diamond suitcases in FarCry 2.

There’s quests, side-quests, survivors to save here and then randomly (I don’t know why but I keep smelling Dead Rising, must be the weather). Even though some have weapons and others are quite capable of defending themselves (so it seems), only the four playable characters (in principle, remember, it’s being developed) are “Heroes“, which means they fly around and blow shit up with their laser vision fuckyes—

No, not really. That’d be cool, though. But that just means they aren’t affected by the virus, which is indeed very handy.

How brave of her!

On the small –photo-subject of different enemies, I mentioned “The Butcher” earlier. Well, there seems to be more, like “The Suicider”, “The Ram” and “The Drowner“. But this is taken from wikipedia, so I’m not placing any bets on the enemies names. Also, there are slightly stronger zombies, it seems. I just wish they had more enemy versatility. I mean, why can’t they adapt? At least I also hope they adapt.

And see what I meant with “rag doll” earlier? Not to say that’s an entirely bad thing, but it’s not good either. Since this will be a multi-platform game, I kinda wished they’d start doing the PC version first, instead of porting things over (it never ends well). But that, sadly, doesn’t seem to be the case, here. I know, there should be a video below, but they disabled that feature for some mysterious (right) reason. Instead, have this:

Really wish there were something more to make me actually feel the slight urge to play this game. Since it is most likely being ported, graphics won’t be all that “marvel” they could be on computers.

Ah well, who cares about them? I play roguelikes for God’s sake.

(I own none of the images/videos/links above)

Amazed how I spent hours (I blame Worms 4) to write this small review,

Arthur Müller.


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(Sorry if I sound like an excited salesman, it’s just sheer excitment!)

I should get one of those for me, it looks nice!

I was supposed to do this a while ago and, well, since I don’t like to procrastinate –actually, I do, but end of the world and all that-, it’s best if I take this out of my chest:

2011 was oh my God Apocalypse is the year of gaming for computers, hands down. There. Sure, you could say “Oh but Steamworks is on PS3 now!”, or “Oh My God! Kinect for the X360!“, but that still wouldn’t change my mind. And yes, I am well aware that this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. (E3 2011) still needs to happen, and my opinion still is resolute. Yes, Nintendo will most likely blow everyone’s mind like they did with the Wii and 3DS, and we’ll probably see yet another scripted presentation by Microsoft, and some more motion-failures by Sony.

God forbid we have another speech about there being no “competitive industry” and that “we are all gamers at heart”.
Also, he masqueraded quite well PSMove’s flaws:

But I have to admit, I do think we’re all gamers at heart, no matter the platform. It’s just that I’m more used to PC gaming.

Speaking of which, not only I was sure some titles wouldn’t fail to get on PC as soon as they were released, like Super Street Fighter IV and Fable III, but there are amazing games just this semester, including but not limited to!:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Now, let’s assume you never, never played The Witcher. First of, I’d recommend it to you, strongly. Unless, of course, you dislike Computer RPGs mixed with some action and a mature (read: with sex and nude content) story filled with options. Fine, mainly three paths (Good, Neutral and Evil), but it made the game all that much better. That and the gameplay as a whole. When you play it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. And when you play The Witcher 2, you will not tell me what happens I haven’t played it yet God damn it!

But I can vouch for its integrity as it being an amazing game, truthful to Computer RPGs. Maybe not as open-minded or nonlinear in terms of choice as Baldur’s Gate II or Planescape: Torment, but still.

And here, a few, nice battle scenes from The Witcher 2:

Those graphics. Can’t wait to buy (“Gasp, you actually buy games!”) this gem!

Total War: Shogun 2

This. You can always expect good things from the Total War series, and Shogun was a game to remember! Back in the days, it was one hell of a strategy piece, making it an even more remarkable experience for any Total War fan. If you never played Shogun, rather, never played a Total War game, but like strategy ones, then that’s a shameful display of your overall knowledge and experience in the gaming world. Take a look at this siege battle from Shogun 2:

Sweet, and this one is definitely worth it!

Portal 2

Why am I –and will– speak of multi-platform games, such as this “piece of precious stone” right here called Portal 2? Because, contrary to popular belief, I think they shine the most on PC. Specially if the ones I talk about are developed first (or separately) for PC. Ported games, though, are another story. Try playing a rally racing game on your keyboard, it’s not as fun as it’s frustrating.

You obviously played Portal… Right? … No? Whoa. OK, fine, here if you own an nVidia GPU or here if you own an ATi GPU so you can get Portal’s First Slice (11 levels) and some other games. Now, on to Portal 2. Better gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, a compelling, amazing story and even better puzzles! Granted, the ones from the first game were pretty much straightforward, but now you have up to, if I recall correctly, six hours of solid Single Player! “Oh but that’s too little boo hoo.” well cheer up, because it has multi-player modes, challenge maps and an amazing co-op!

Anyway, this teaser makes me feel the chills every time, and with good reason:

That makes it, what, the third worth PC purchase so far? I haven’t even started on the games to be announced/released! Oh buoy.

Duke Nukem Forever

You, young reader who never played a Duke Nukem game, know nothing about how excited I was when I first saw the teaser. And when I looped it for the first ten times. So on, so on. Come on, it’s been on the making for over ten years! Thing is, Duke is your over-the-top typical american hero. Blonde, strong, proficient with any kind of weapon or fighting style and, more importantly, he doesn’t give one simple fuck about morals. At all. Which is exaggerated in Duke Nukem Forever, very much so.

Honestly, it can even seen stupid to most players, and it is! It’s stupid to the point where you’d feel shame in knowing this game will be played by many in a blissful way! And that’s the best part!! See, Duke was made to make fun of so many things that I can’t even begin to count. Which is one of the reasons why this game will be (yes, future, few weeks actually) truly amazing. In the very least.

Here, look at this. LOOK AT THIS:

Sure, the release date was pushed twice (it launches June 9th now, for sure), but I’m patient, I can wait.

Guess what: Dungeon Siege III

Yet another multi-platform game! You’re probably still wondering why I said “PC gaming” back then. You see, Dungeon Siege is almost an epic in computer gaming, destined to fill our lives with an excellent story, already present since Dungeon Siege I, and more action since Dungeon Siege II. If there’s one thing about this game series, it’s atmosphere. Seriously, you can’t play this and not get immersed in what’s happening, hell, even fear plays a factor in this game. And this series is specially fun due to its multi-player and co-op modes, which double the fun!

This video may not show much, but I am somewhat excited for this game, so check it out:

Until it’s release, though, I’ll just have to sit and wait.

Yes, it's Red Faction: Armageddon!

Wait. A new Red Faction game? You bet it is! Gameplay’s been improved, meaning this baby will present better destructive scenarios, more weapons, tools, enemies and an amazing concept, the Magnet Gun. It’s pretty much obvious what it does in the video below, but to simplify things: You can attract two objects with simple “shots” (clicks, rather), which means you can make the side of a building fly right into an alien, or make an alien soar through the terrain and collide against something, even another enemy! Red Faction‘s soundtrack never really attracted me, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t set the mood for an amazing experience! To top it off, this’ll launch together with Duke Nukem Forever, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, June 9th will be a busy day for some of us.

I was going to mention three more games, but they’re so big in their story, depth (ok, one of them isn’t) and fame (so to speak), that I think they deserve special posts.

Not to say I won’t talk about motherfucking Duke Nukem Forever when it comes out, just so you know.

(I own none of the images/videos above)

Wondering if Valve will announce something at E3 just for fun,

Arthur Müller.

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