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"Partying partying YEAH, partying partying YE--HEY JASON STOP!

Ah, horror music movies, how we love them! At least I do, and I must admit: They used to be so much better. Incredibly better. Not just because of one little thing called an actual plot-line, but the small things, like movies being about impressive and almost always impossible situations. I always laugh about them. “Oh, let’s sleep on an abandoned cabin near the lake where some kid was drowned, it’ll be fun!! Also, pot and sex, hooray!”. First, and I think I say this for pretty much anyone who’s reading: Who the fuck sleeps on an abandoned eerie house? No, seriously, who? If it’s the first time (1980), sure, mistakes happen quite a lot. Specially if it’s something done by teenagers used to orgies and drugs. Now. If it’s the twelfth motherfucking time (including space-orgies on Jason X (2002)), sorry, that’s not milking the cow for more money, that’s just plain imbecile.

"So nice, cozy and inviting!We'll have a blast, I'm sure!!

Most horror movies based on real-life possible scenarios popped a few decades ago, but nothing too fancy though. Just some snakes, caves, rampaging murderers attacking couples on stranded cars, sharks, the usual. The good thing about them was that, all in all, you connected with the characters, at least at the most basic level: Survival Instinct. Although, I’ll say that, if I was with my partner and some assassin showed up, I would try to run, escape. If it wasn’t possible, then screw it, I’m as good as dead anyway, why not face him like a true man? rawr

Then they got clever, and started to mix things up, my first record of it being something about snakes and a plane (2006). Go figure, I just know it was a motherfucking good film. Mainly because of the motherfuckers in it, but then again, Samuel L. Jackson tends to turn any bad movie into a good one with just his language. And his eyes.

I mean, look at them:

You just know, deep down inside, that he's on to something! Something big! Mmh...

Granted, that was an action-horror movie, and there were a lot of them back in the days, like Predator (1986). If you want an older film, sure, have classic Jaws (1975). And we seem to be getting an awful lot of them nowadays, it’s just insane. Where are the good horror movies, like Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)? … OK, it wasn’t a master-piece when you compare to other movies released back then, but it was a great film!

But no. Let’s keep doing remakes of old movies. Like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994). First one was good. Second one wasn’t, sorry. And now there’s going to be a third one. In, you guessed it, 3D! What is it with kids and 3D these days? I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care at all if that blood on-screen is splattering there or –supposedly– on my shirt, I’m sure of it. “Hey, let’s pay more to see this film for a third time–but wait: … … (Wait for it…) … … In three D!”.

I’d punch someone if that line was said to me (even as a joke).

(I own none of the images above)

Going to play some games now,

Arthur Müller.


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(And yes, I waited the whole week for this!)

Oh yes baby, it’s—

… Gee, thanks for stealing my line, Rebecca. Really, thanks!

Now, have you realized how that one music video changed a lot of things about some conversations, including some common topics, like the discussion of laws on legal driving age, our opinion in “popular” music and what’s fondly regarded as “bad“? But one thing some –rather, most– fail to perceive is, in fact, the true genius of Rebecca Black.

... ... What? Something in my teeth!?

Oh, that look is because of what I said. It’s true (seems Lady GaGa said that too, but I had no idea oh well who cares let’s keep on writing)!! Let’s say you’re a “normal” (no such thing exists but let’s roll with that) north-american girl who likes all sorts of pretty things, dances, has singing lessons since a long time, started singing professionally by your 10 years and now, with 13, heard about some label (namely ARK Music Factory) and decided to sign in. Your mother, oh so kindly, paid US$4,000 so your music video –which had half the expenses covered by the label– could debut. They also wrote the music lyrics, so you just had to sing and perform a little. You don’t sing that well? No matter, softwares solve everything! Now, your video debuted and you had just about one thousand views in the first month, but then, all of a sudden, your video goes viral, everyone talks about it blah blah blah you’re richer and more famous than ever before in your short-lived life! Yes!!

… But it seems all you got was, in a grand total, negative attention from the video, since the lyrics suck hard and you really don’t sing that well, even with the software’s help. Would you still rejoice?

Answer is:

Hell Yeah, Motherfucker.

Globalization is a beautiful thing. What would take weeks to be known now takes just a matter of seconds. Today’s culture (sadly) is focused more on hatred and widespread attacks than anything else, mostly because the conception that our lives are nothing more than just than a short-span of consciousness caused due to an incredibly big chain of random events seems to be spreading more and more, and people just take life for what it is. I for one think life’s awesome and you should do what you want before it’s too late, but regarding society as a whole, the typical stress escape-valve is to focus on other people’s tragedies or lack of success. Just take a quick look around you, you’ll see that if someone sees something he or she doesn’t like, that thing will be spread around like there’s no tomorrow, in hopes other people also say
“Oh My God! I hate that too!!”.

Not just things, like series or music videos, but common situations as well. Don’t you hate it when you decide to leave your house, driving your car all happy but, coincidently, everyone who also owns a car decides to do the same thing for no real reason at all (probably just to get on you nerves, the bastards!) and then there’s a traffic jam? Worst, you’re stuck in that God-forsaken traffic jam and someone blares the horn, which leads to lots of people doing the exact same thing, even though it helps in nothing to speed up the unjamming process!? It’s natural for us, humans, to spread our emotions. Which, commonly, are more focused on hating and lots of selfish thoughts.

Envy also made sure Rebecca Black rose to the fame-sky like a rocket. Think about it, lots of people out there (and maybe (but quite unlikely) even you, dear reader) saw this video and thought to themselves: “How can someone with almost no talent whatsoever get so many video views? And everyone’s talking about her OH MY GOD I HATE HER!!”.
Read: I really wished people were talking about me like that!

No, I’m not judging (I can’t and I’m far from being a saint), I am just saying.
Just that.

Such lyrics, such emotion! I'm deeply moved.

Getting back to the topic in question:

  1. She, Rebecca Black (according to popular opinion), sucks.
  2. We love to hate.
  3. We can communicate with each other faster than ever (this “speed” will be a laughing matter in one or two generations from now, but never mind that).

Nothing more valid than hating her at the top of our virtual lungs and, with some luck, make her give up on her career. She did that? No! She switched labels (now with Flying Pig Productions) and is bound to release her new song, entitled “LOL”. Why? Because, dear readers, hatred is also a form of attention. And, nowadays, bad is regarded by the media (and public in general, as said before) as good.

Granted, Rebecca Black’s astronomical rise to stardom due to hatred and envy isn’t the only example, but it’s the most recent one. She won’t be the last one, we all know that, but she’ll always be fondly regarded in our hearts and minds.

And during the week day that is called Friday.

(I own none of the pictures/videos above)

Signing off while I I I so excited,

Arthur Müller.

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