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Days of the week.

Officially Monday now, the one day I don’t like that much.

No Ariel, you're mainstream!

No Ariel, I don’t hate Mondays. But, you see, being the first day of the week, it means one thing and one thing only: work (unless you’re a smart-ass and has a vacancy in which case I envy you). It’s right after Sunday, which is by far the most boring day ever and then some more, we’ll get to that later. Moving on, Monday is also the day most people choose to blatantly swear against in bars and such. “Oh how I hate Mondays!” or “Damn it, it’s Monday tomorrow!”. One thing you all seem to forget is, Monday’s not the worst day. It’s part of a cycle, you work and then you rest. Eventually, that rest ends and the cycle restarts itself, easy. It’s a day where most people –including your boss/teacher– are tired, bored from the fact that they have to get to work/teach/boss around/study again and looking forward for the next restful days. So, all in all, aside the hate, it’s a pretty easy-going day. Except if it’s right out of a holiday. Then people get even more stressed/tired.

I could say the same for Tuesday, I mean, both are so close and similar, though Tuesday is often forgotten. Poor, poor Tuesday. Nothing usually happens here, it’s not a remarkable day and people are just starting to get back on tracks, thanking themselves they got over Monday yet again with little to no mental injuries.

Now Wednesday… This is just the middle of the week, so to speak (since Monday is the actual first day, the middle would be Thursday). It’s classically hated by most too, since it’s when nothing important happens. I mean, it’s the middle of the week, you have another 50% to go, what a drag etc.. I for one don’t dislike it that much, but… It’s also when everyone reminds themselves: “Hell yes! It’s almost Friday!”


And they do almost nothing. No, really: Their focus starts to sink, their motivations and needs changed to that one promise of careless rest. Try to check it when you’re on a Wednesday, most people do things in a rush or don’t do anything at all, just wandering their naive thoughts to the Neverland of the week, the weekend. Which is almost, almost, ALMOST there! They can almost feel it with all their might, if not…

If not for Thursday. Which is, granted, not my most hated day. In fact, I don’t even think it’s a day at all. It’s just that it’s a very, very fast one. Seriously, for some unknown reason, Thursdays always went by like a flash for me. Still, it’s there, blocking the path to the most cherished day of all: Friday.

Hell, it even got a song (you thought I was going to miss that chance didn’t you):

Now I felt like commenting on this, but let’s leave it to the appropriate day!

So, Friday. Happy hours, parties, driving with your underage friends and lots of other lascivious things, like more parties. After you finish your never ending quadruple-fun, you get to:

Saturday. The best day ever and yes this is my opinion. You see, during a Saturday, you can wake up whenever you want, so no matter how much fun (damn it) you got during your Friday, there should be no worries whatsoever! Which also means that, since it’s an almost-universal-free-day, you can attend to classes, go jogging, explore Mars or whatever you like! Plus, it’s not like it’ll hurt to sleep late, the next day is Sunday! … Sunday… Speaking of which:

I. Hate. Sundays. Being the calm guy that I am, there’s very little things that bug me. Sunday being one of the top 5. You, outgoing, cool and entertaining person may love Sunday, it’s a day where you get to visit the Museum, or go to the theater, watch a play just before a beautiful starry night and then have a meal outside with your love, or even go drinking with friends. But that’s you, you… Lucky person.

Try staying at home with nothing on the television and everyone else complaining about how boring Sunday is. Even if it isn’t boring, it gets to you, that perception of Sunday being a very dull day. Say you want to play a game, or read a book, or just listen to music. You’re (most likely) doing it because it’s what you usually do on your free days, but you feel, deep down inside, that it’s just because there’s nothing else to do. But you always do this things on your free days. And it never seems like a bore to you. Except on Sundays. See my point? Even if it’s an extremely normal thing, it gets upscaled by a “boredom”-multiplier.

What’s more, guess what day’s tomorrow? That’s right! Monday! The one day you’ll spend complaining about even before it starts (logically thinking, you should have no reason to complain, as I said earlier). So, Sunday. Ugh. The boredom factor, by the way, doubles if that Sunday’s on a holiday or such.

A plus before I finish this: Holidays and vacations are like big periods of Saturdays and Sundays, which alternate themselves according to need. You want to have fun? Feels like Sunday, so you get little to no fun while ranting about it. You want to lay down and rest? Feels like Saturday, so you feel like you’d be wasting time sitting at home and force yourself to one more round of an all-night-drinking game (tip: lots of coconut milk or just water in the next day avoid such hangover headache).

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Not so cheerful to start the week again,

Arthur Müller.


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