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(And back to normal, sorry everyone, sickness can be a harsh mistress)

Sad but True. Oh, so true...

The so fabled school (or college, in my case) grades. Don’t get me wrong though, getting good grades feels fucking awesome! But you don’t need to stress yourself over and over again because of them.
Below, because I like to share this small portion of wisdom that I –think I– have, some small tips to light up your night life.

  • #3 – Chill the fuck out.

Some people think these are insanely important, and that you can’t succeed in life without good grades. Some of that is true, but only to a degree. As long as you understand the subject you’re studying perfectly, you don’t need excellent grades since, well, we all know that exams can mess up with your head a bit and not all of them are fair. No, really, some are meant for you to fail or get an awful grade.

… And then I remember when I got a 3,4 out of 10 on a 10 question multiple choice exam, each question worth 1 point each, no formulas required seriously what the hell?

Ahem. Moving on. When you’re doing an exam, don’t worry about your grade, as long as you know the subject well and you get something that’ll say you’re an okay student, things’ll turn out for the better! Just eat some chocolate, listen to some music or anything like that, and don’t stress over exams. They’re important in their own way, and shouldn’t affect you. Not in school, not in college.

You really don’t have to be concerned about grades, just about understanding what is it that your teacher is trying to teach you. Yes, even if you think it’s useless information due to the fact that you’ll do a completely abstract course on college and can’t be bothered to remember all these silly naming rules for Organic Chemistry. Trust me, it’s not useless. Which leads me to…

  • #2 – No knowledge is useless.

Let’s say you aim to be a Computer Technician. Or an Architect. Or a Lawyer, even. Why would you want to know about mitosis if you’re going to fix computers of a high level? Why is it that chemical nomenclatures haunt you if all you wanna do is draw marvelous sketches of places yet-to-arise? Or why, oh why you must know Calculus as a lawyer?

It’s not about your profession, it’s mostly about life itself. These kind of knowledges open your mind to other types, and so on. Plus, they always make for good conversation topics, trust me on this one.

Not only that, but they also serve to get you ahead in life in many, many ways. For instance, did you know that most private companies that hire you also base themselves on your overall knowledge other than on where you graduated and so on? Of course that’s also a plus in your resume, but if you have a variety of knowledge, not specifically in your area, it means you’re an interested, self-motivated person who doesn’t settle for less!

  • #1 – Grades don’t control your life.

Yes, good grades usually lead you to better schools and a better college. There are some exceptions, like in here (Brazil), where you don’t really need superb grades to enter a prestigious college. It’s recommended, but you don’t need’em. In fact, you can spend your entire time getting bearable grades and still do well in life. Grades, actually, mean pretty much nothing.

Great, excellent grades are there just so you can get hired and such without much effort, and usually by companies/places who treat those hired like one more number to their work-force. Sure, that’s good if you just want money and a “job” to fill your life with something, but I find that most people who have those need extra amounts of placebos (more on this on the next post) to get through life without swallowing loads of pills.

Also, you probably won’t apply 80% of the things you learn in college at your job, and you probably can get an awesome one right up your alley without that too, so stop worrying too much about life!
But don’t slack off.

That’s pretty much it, I suppose, but above all, never, ever, ever give up. It’s not a number that’ll stop you from achieving what you want, not if you truly want it!
And I mean it.

(I actually kinda own this one image, since I did it today, but what the hell!)

Wondering if there was anything more to be said on the matter,

Arthur Müller.


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