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(As a side-note, Twitter could stop not-helping me for once.
Quick, bad and short post, sorry, but the writing process was… Weird.)

Ever felt irritated by something, but not quite so as to tell to someone or let it spoil your day? You know, these little things that bug you, but not that much? Yep, they’re exactly the topic of this post! Just a small list to occupy your mind with quick thoughts on this matter, nothing more, nothing less.
Onwards, then!

  • #4 – Psychodidae

“Psywhatnow?”, you must be wondering. Or not, if you have helpful extensions or are quick to click. If you still don’t know, here’s a small hint:

Clogmia Albipunctata, commonly called "moth" or "bathroom" fly.

That. Little. Bugger. Every damn time I go to my bathroom, I find at least two of them, flying around like they own the place. Luckily, they can’t fight back nor are they 50 foot tall, so I can easily squash them with a simple movement. Still, it’s even worst when you’re taking a bath, or getting out of one, and that small pest decides to fly right in your face, like saying “Hey you can’t kill me hahahah!”.
And then they die.

  • #3 – Lethologica

OK, not actual Lethologica, since that’s a psychological disorder, but this one’s slightly similar. When you can’t remember a key-word, name, phase or date temporarily, it’s just so bad. And you know it’s quite awful when you’re talking about a specific subject, you have just the word to give it that special tone and then… Nothing. Nada, zero. You just go “… … … DAMN IT!” all over your head. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone in this:
I know how it sucks too!
Which probably won’t make things better, but at least it’ll add one line to this paragraph! Hooray!!

  • #2 – Delays

Be it on public transportation, social networks or sex, we all just dislike delays. To be honest, one might even go as far as say most people hate delays, but they’re soon forgotten when your objective is concluded!
Unless it ruined your day, in which case, if it makes you feel better… … No, sorry, can’t think of anything.
Well, at least it didn’t ruined your week (or so I hope)!

  •  #1 – Forgetting

Although similar to item #3, it’s quite different! For you see, I’m not talking about forgetting words or sentences, but entire topics! When you want to talk about the most recent economical crisis (there seems to be a new one each month, but still) , that awesome thing you did yesterday (you know, that one!), or if you just want to post something on a blog, it’s horrible to just forget, well, the whole thing (yes, it’s horrible indeed)!

(I own none of the species or species’ pictures showed above)

Signing off—Or was it logging off… Damn it!,

Arthur Müller.


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