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Or so I heard from a friend once, which makes perfect sense but, in a practical sense, abolishes the whole social aspect of a conversation. I mean, let’s assume you only talk straightforward topics with your friends. Firstly, your conversations would be purely mechanical, Radiohead “predicted” that with OK Computer (track #07 “Fitter, Happier”), but still. Secondly, they’d have no intimacy value whatsoever. And finally, you’d lose all the good jokes that come up during a casual conversation.

… I dislike it a lot when I want to talk about something. Alas, I can’t help but wander into the unknown world of words. So, ignoring that previous paragraph and moving on, this thing right here, which we like to call a “blog” (trust me, your sons and sons’ sons will ask what a blog used to be, so I’m just taking precautions for the future), will be for four things only: Rants, random-thought articles with some rants in it, stories I think up and feel like sharing (ignoring if it’ll appeal to this invisible public of mine or not, just so you know) and some other thing that I still have to decide, probably a post filled with any hypothetical situation.

There you have it. Also, this is in English because I felt like it, so if you don’t understand it (which is a bit improbable), get a dictionary and start learning now! … No, really, it works.

Signing off,

Arthur Müller.


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