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I rarely dream. And I mean actual dreams, not those semi-awaken thoughts you have while dozing off somewhere. Many people I know dream, and some dream quite often, but that’s a luxury I’m not too fond of. First of, dreams are (scientifically speaking) just flashes of your memory, usually your more recent one, due to your brain “organizing” past events for easier recognition. That and most people tend to subconsciously think of many “hallucinogenic” things. Plus, most people don’t remember their dreams. I had a constant, repetitive, sadistic dream back in 2008, but not going into details now.

Not to say, though, that I never dreamed before that, or that I don’t recall those dreams either. And, on the dream subject, one thing that I find odd (not weird, just odd) is how people can be extremely influenced by random images that happen to be shown to you during your sleep. Then again, I’m not the wisest person alive, so I don’t know if dream interpretation holds any truth or not. All I know is that people who freak out about a dream being the foresight of something isn’t that much of an welcoming topic. I mean, I’m a good listener and all, but telling me you’re certain someone will die isn’t that appealing.

Maybe you losing your tooth in a dream just means you had a tooth pain of sorts recently…? Just maybe.

The Dream, by Henri Rousseau.

The farthest dream I can recall is actually a series of the same (they seem to happen often with me), when I had… 10 years, I guess. Some Japanese girl about the same age as I had, short silver hair and a constant smile. No, I didn’t watched glorious anime too much back then, and none had that kind of character. The weird part, though, was that first we were sitting outside some store in a mall, and then I was outside what looked like her house, but it was built with decadent wooden boards, like all the ones in what appeared to be a small, fishing village. Well, it was on the coast and having some boats and fishing nets nearby. She seemed to be eating dinner while I was in the rain, waiting, or just looking at her with a null expression.

Fine, not the most amazing, exciting and/or intriguing dream of all, but it happened in a series of years, with just small changes, like her smile’s size or the amount of rain that poured on the outside. And that went on for two months or so, then it suddenly stopped. Oh well.

Like her, but as a child and without the glasses.

Now, about random thoughts, oh buoy. I get those all the time, like many of you probably do, but on a much bigger frequency, due to the fact that, while I do have lots of things to do and in theory shouldn’t even have time to write in here, I procrastinate like crazy. In fact, I should start one of my many works after this, better safe than sorry!

Getting lost in thoughts, thinking things aloud, creating scenarios and possibilities for everything at least three times per thought, all of those eventually become an art of sorts. Many share this, specially if you’re technologically needy (like I am). And, although it is an art, so to speak, it’s a very bothersome one, specially since my attention span is like that of a child in a foreign, colorful and exotic field trying to listen to a scientific explanation.

Yeah, not that big at all.

Though I do wonder what’d it be like to have a lucid dream. Never had one, the few people I know who perform this say it’s amazing and, honestly, I don’t think I’d get out of one alive. I love to sleep and, at the same time, I hate it, because I’m wasting too much time while doing so. I could use that time to think of new, better ways to improve my days, or to think of solutions, or even sleep way less (which is what I started doing after college gee thank you college).

If I could lucid dream, instead of flying over an ocean of lava and cogs, I think I’d think about things, a lot.

Though flying above an ocean of lava and clogs is tempting.

I mean, look:

Oh God the Land of Heat and Clockwork.

One day, one day…

(I own none of the images above)

Signing out ready to procrastinate more,

Arthur Müller.


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Here, have a free, awesome wallpaper! 1920x1200, by the way.

One month of WordPress. I told myself I wouldn’t transform this into a personal diary of sorts, but I guess monthly posts about anything at all never do any real harm.

I guess.

So, impressive month, eh? What with all that happened, deaths, weddings and so on. Some people are saying the Apocalypse comes this Saturday, May 21st, but I’m sure I can’t make it then. I’ll be too busy playing games and such, so yeah. But if you have the chance to attend to it, by all means, take some pictures and let me know who was there as well!

Now, to tell the truth –and changing subjects-, this blog was supposed to be about some random stories, just that. And maybe one or two thoughts. I saved the draft of the first one (Guingûr, King of the Seven Seas if I’m not awfully mistaken), but then I lost it. Not that I don’t recall everything, but it just feels like this blog lost that purpose. If I just posted it, as “cool” as it was (and it wasn’t anything special, in my opinion), it’d be like… A new kid in a class filled with people who already know each other. Lost and scared, missing classes and rarely seem due to not fitting in with everyone, or at least some other people.

The other main reason for me to not write stories, since I tend to create all of them –all of them– so fast and randomly that it become common for me to get about one complete story per day and losing it in the chaos that is life. Another reason –though not that important at all– is that I also imagine scenarios, in rich detail. Now, one might think this to be awesome and all, if one knew how to draw at least well. Or kinda well, depends on what you want, or on the art direction you’d like to take, it all depends, just like everything in life.

Concept art for Orzammar, the Dwarven City in Dragon Age.

Life. I seem to be thinking an awful lot about it and, honestly, I don’t really care. I think I’m on this stage in life where whatever comes, comes, and it’s all for the best. I think. Or at least it’s better than over-thinking things.

On an unrelated matter, here, have this video:


Funny how that makes me think about the future and, strangely, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If I knew I could make kinda of a living by just doing some minor jobs, I’d sure as hell spend my life traveling and taking pictures. Or just go abroad and teach English. Or maybe open up a small computer store and make somewhat of a living, no luxuries or anything. I’m not really an ambitious guy. When I take into consideration only myself, I mean.
Family is something completely different.

On a lighter note, yesterday was a good day, specially because of this:

Everyday I’m Hussie’in, by Octopimp (ft. Gamzee and Tavros)

Amazing, really amazing work! Gotta get that on a shirt someday.

Octopimp did the lyrics by himself, with some help from Livestream chat users and, pardon if you haven’t read Homestuck (or any other comic in MSPA) yet, but this is just perfect.

Superb, even.

And I wish the rain in here would never stop. I love rain.

(I own none of the images/videos/sounds above)

Wondering if it’s hard to make a living as a foreigner in Japan,

Arthur Müller.

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Meet the one thing responsible for my constant delays in, well, everything conceivable.

Hey, we should play Sburb together!!

Homestuck is an incredible (yet again, as always: in my opinion) web comic. But then again, it’s not one! Think of it as a web comic with some flash interactions from time to time, like an actual game. Now, add to that that most of said interactions play just like an RPG (or an Action RPG). The story is discussed and, most of the time, even “slightly changed” from users’ discussions, granting it a big level of direct interaction and depth.

Addicting just like chocolate-flavored cocaine, this beauty of a “comic” granted its place in my heart years ago and yet, I started to read it again like crazy due to some new, unpredictable events that just unfolded. But why is it so good? You’ll know in a few, just follow down this post down the green colored brick road!

  • #4 – A good flow is all you need!

This has an amazing flow, and I mean script-wise. Granted, there’s a lot of conversation in it, but at first (namely Act 1) it’s just to get you situated. Plus, if you just wanna know what’s happening, you can skim through the logs and just accompany the actual images. Not that I recommend it, but some logs/memos are ludicrously big for an average reader. I mean, I had no troubles with them (hell, I am reading it all again), but it all depends! You could easily get bored of big texts, which, as I said, isn’t much of a problem. Although you’ll be missing on some character insights, it’s not one hundred percent needed.

Ahem, as I was saying: Flow, yes! Aside the walls and walls of text (again, points-of-view, what’s a wall to you may not be one for me) you’ll find that roughly 90% of the story goes on in an incredible, natural way, which doesn’t happen that often with web comics… And… You may or may not want to kill me once you reach Act 5-1, but I’m willing to take the risk.

Oh look it's the start of---

  • #3 – Originality is my middle name!

So, Homestuck has nearly 32 characters, give or take. I never really stopped to do the math, but thing is, with this much characters, one would think ideas start to run thin with about half of them. Surprisingly, one would be right and wrong about it!

We have four typical kids, their parents/legal guardians/etc., some other characters from somewhere else in “Homestuck’s world/dimension/universe/timeline” and much later on, the trolls (one for each astrological sign, mind you). And, of course, their respective “legal guardians”. All of them are, obviously enough, cliché from some thing/character or another.

At least if you don’t pay attention! Because their singularities and personality nuances change it all in such a way that, indeed, they are strikingly original! In all honesty, there is not one single character in Homestuck that I dislike, since all of them, from the “good” one to the “bad” one, are equally amazing, remarkable in their own, curious way. Plus, you eventually identify yourself with one (or, usually, more than one) of them, even more if you’re into zodiac signs and all those things.

  • # 2 – Mind-shattering discoveries.

You know when you’re reading something but skip an important part, or line even, and when you read/see it again, suddenly a lot of things make sense? Yeah, this is what Homestuck feels like. More often than not, mind you, specially if you’re reading it again (even though it’s, as of now, an on-going project). Things like specific number combinations and such eventually become quite obvious, just like some characters looking exactly like well-known fictional characters from other series! But things about a certain character’s house in the real world can get a tad disturbing. Specially if this character lives on an island near a volcano with a kind of tower nearby.

Cover art for Homestuck's 5th album, "Homestuck Vol. 5"!

  •  # 1 – I’m plotting plot of all these plot plots (though they are cool)!

As the title implies, this is indeed the first reason (in my humble opinion) as to why you should read Homestuck: Plots. To make things simple: Imagine a common world. Make it bigger, add more worlds to that one making so that they connect with each other, even without being remotely (at least physically) close to each other, and now add more worlds surrounding them all. Okay? Good. Seems reasonable enough, right? Thing is, that’s in one universe. In one specific timeline.

Now you’re starting to get just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and lemme tell you, it goes at least around itself thrice, after a bunch of twists, disappearances, teleportations and similar space-temporal distortions.

But why in the name of the everything that’s Holy (or not, if you don’t believe such things), would that be a good thing!? Simple: It makes perfect sense! … OK, at some point it starts not making sense, but then, right afterwards, it does.

So I guess it’s all cool then.

Just one small, fellow reminder/heads-up before this ends: If you ever, in a slim chance of destiny, get a Sburb CD and end up playing with someone (namely, a female friend), please, make sure she’s not the server. And if she is, don’t let her anywhere near your toilet since, as we’ve fondly regarded in Homestuck, it tends to be generally considered as a bad thing.

(I own none of the images/music above)


Arthur Müller.

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