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This is a portable e-book reader:

Ze Kindle!

This little digital monster right here is the sole reason for my huge indecision. I love books. Love them, absolutely (and I feel bad that I’ve read so little books this far into the year). The texture, the smell, the way you have to actually set yourself apart from the rest of the world (well, most of the times, anyways), everything’s quite magical and unique, truly priceless. Now, with this gadget here, things get more… Practical. You can now read thousands of books anywhere, and they cost, usually, ten dollars or less, some sell for about five (or you could always use the yar-har way). That’s awesome, don’t get me wrong! Books are quite expensive for your average reader (or for someone like me, a student without a job). Still, you can’t put a price on the feeling of reading an actual, “paper-made” book. So, down the line, a Kindle or an iPad are a much more economical investment for an avid reader than whole shelves filled with books.

Back to the practical topic, it’s definitely better to carry just a small device such as an e-book reader than lots of books (for instance, if you want to read all of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”). At least your back’ll thank you later on. “Oh, but I love reading outside, the Sun’ll get in my way!” no, it won’t. Anti-reflection screen on Kindle (and now on the iPad 2) will easily help you with that.

Granted, it’s a bit less tiresome for your eyes to read from actual paper than from an LCD-like screen (E Ink “Pearl”), but just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine! And yes, that screen is slightly slower than an actual LCD screen (present on the iPad), but, at least for me, that’s just a detail of sorts.

Oh, look, an iPad!

Now, I don’t think I can present some positive points for an –already “old-fashioned”– book, at least nothing that can’t be quickly related to something said with a higher sense of nostalgia and traditionalism. Then let’s just say you don’t care at all about that gibberish, you want books and that’s it, but you can’t be bothered to carry a big one. Sure, there are lots of pocket books out there! They’re usually good best-sellers (or Twilight), though, so good luck finding a version of that obscure underground book only you know about.

E-books look like the future, and they’ll probably grow even bigger in five years, give or take. Thing is, still, I prefer actual books. After all, as I said before, their feelings are priceless.

(I own none of the pictures used above)

Until later,

Arthur Müller.


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