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Isn't it beautiful?

Now, I’m not here to talk about love. I’m here to talk about something that incites the exact opposite deep inside your heart, that one thing that makes pretty much all of us boil our bloods in an almost loathsome manner. That one thing that, if not done right, can leave permanent scars in our lives due to loss of important parts of ourselves.

Formatting your computer.

OK, I may have exaggerated a little bit in there, true enough. But still, it’s something that, if not done properly, can leave us all sad with the loss of certain files, documents, images and so on. But that’s how it goes sometimes, and there’s just no escape! What do to, then?

Well, here are a few friendly reminders from someone who just went through that awful, awful thing:

The image describes itself.

  • #1 – You’re a partition of me.

Stop! No!! That's not how you partition an HD!

Partitions. If you know and use this, my friend, you’re completely safe from many harms. Most users, however, choose (or, rather, receive their pre-constructed computer) to install their Operating System (typically, something from the Windows series) together with, well, everything! Let’s say a crucial file becomes corrupted, or a virus manges to make its way past all the (usually, none) barriers you set, like an anti-virus or a firewall, and there’s just no hope for you good System. What to do? Format.

Oh woe is you, if only you partitioned your HD in, at least, an O.S. and an area for all your other files! So, remember this, always partition.

Normally, you can do this from the System’s installation (there are several instructions, it honestly isn’t that hard, just read carefully) or, if you feel like doing it after everything’s installed, use a program like GParted!

  • #2 – I’ve got your back!

This is a backpack, most obviously so.

What everyone forgets, more often than not, is to backup important files. Granted, you can’t (always) backup all of your HD, but you can make room in any USB flash-drive, external HD or even a CD/DVD for your important files, documents and/or pictures you want to save! This is a very, very basic thing that tends to slip from people’s minds, and it really doesn’t hurt to do.

If you want help, even your Operating System (no matter which one) has an option to help you with that, step by step. Or you can use, yet again, a program. Just like BackUpMaker!

  • #3 – Houston, we have a problem.

Gives me the chills to even look at it. Poor, poor CD.

Now, you got your CD, DVD or USB flash-drive ready to install an Operational System again.
And it’s broken.

What to do, give in to despair and run around in circles with your hands up?


Or you could just install some other Operational System. “What, like an older Windows version, such as XP?”. Yes, if it works for you. Or something else –and this is just a thought, don’t get scared now– such as, for instance, Fedora. Or Ubuntu. Or even Mint. There are literally dozens of Linux distributions to choose from, and many with their perks and unique features. It’s not a twelve-headed dragon, nor is it your worst nightmare. It’s just something new for most of you, dear readers, and it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, at least in times of desperation!

  • #4 – Keep up with the times!

Always remember to get all of your possible updates for the Operating System, as well as updates for your programs. If possible, make a list of everything you lost (if you haven’t backed things up) so you can get it back as soon as possible, and don’t forget your basic programs (compressed file extractors, document editors, image editors, .torrent downloaders (always a plus), browsers and so on).

That settles it then! In my humble case, all of my DVDs weren’t working, none of my files were properly backed-up and the HD ended up frying as well.
Happens. Not that often, but it happens.

(I own none of the images/link sources above)

Signing off with his brand new HD,

Arthur Müller.


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