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First of: 04:27am. If there’s a mistake in here or something, sorry.

Now… Easter. I wanted to write a really big post about it, how important it is, the evolution of the holiday blah blah blah, but it basically comes down to this:

Resurrected Jesus and Mary Magdalene, early 1900s Bible Card illustration

So, he died and came back 3 days later. Most catholics, if I recall correctly, celebrate this with some church services, prayer and an all-night vigil of sorts. Other religions do other things (some do none, like Buddhism) and so on, not going into details here. Regardless of your religion, though, Easter is (at least for many) a day for, specifically, one thing:

A very pretty and decorated easter egg.

Getting, gifting and eating a hell of a lot of chocolate. I, as of this moment, am eating a small easter egg, and I’m sure many of you are too. Some people, of course, don’t fancy such a treat, but that’s all nice and fine. Thing is, this date is getting more and more expensive, and that’s comprehensible. No, not just because “the price of everything is going up”, that’s a simple, silly answer. If we elaborate just a bit more, we can easily come to three (admittedly quite silly as well) factors:

First, worldwide population increased in a considerable fashion from some decades to now (thanks, Baby Boom), meaning more chocolate-eaters. Sure, as I said, not everyone likes chocolate. Yet, they’ll still receive at least one easter egg, and are bound to buy, again, at least one (except if you’re a very closed, hateful and/or antisocial person I mean who hates chocolates come on). This just means that more must be produced on and on. Which leads me to point number two:

Higher production cost (and there you were thinking I wouldn’t say a thing about this). More easter eggs to be made means more hours at work in factories (be them the time of actual workers or machinery), more wrapping materials and, obviously, more chocolate. I could keep on writing a list about this, but it’s 05:45am now and I don’t think I’d made it out of here alive if I started. Now, with the price of these things going up, companies need more profits, therefore they increase the price to a few percent each year, and that’s hardly noticeable. Until, of course everything’s so expensive they need to inject more money in the market or change the currency (like that‘ll happen anytime soon). Oh well.

My last point, not a negative one by the way, is: Open-mindedness. As previously stated, some countries don’t quite celebrate Easter, since it’s a Catholic tradition and the easter eggs are, in one way or another, associated to that. Still, this is also related to something I said two paragraphs ago: Almost everyone likes chocolates. Regardless of anything, if you enjoy chocolate, you most probably will use of this date as an excuse to get some more. Not that it’s bad, that’s excellent, actually! Specially dark chocolate, since it’s been proven that it’s somewhat healthy (thanks, cocoa beans). Thus, people from places where easter eggs sold poorly start to buy more and more. Not that it’s bad too, though. Except for some cocoa trees.

Now, back to my main point: I love Easter. I don’t just like it, or really like it, I love it. Usually, I’m not much of a chocolate fan myself, which is all nice and fine. But then, Easter comes. With all these different-flavored chocolates, eggs filled with surprises and in the most beautiful wrapping ever, hell, even the egg hunting (though I don’t do that for some good years now). It’s one of the few, if not the only holiday when it’s officially cool and nice to eat all the chocolate you can. And no one cares, because they’re doing exactly the same! If you’re a person worried about weight, appearances and/or what you eat, don’t forget you also get to gift (and receive) a nice egg from someone and never worry about their judging, dreadful eyes. Screw it, right? It’s Easter, a poor man’s early Christmas (or something along these lines)

Always remember this saying: sharing is caring.

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It’s 06:10am God why am I up yet what is wrong with me ok bye,

Arthur Müller.


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