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Few are the people who don’t want to travel somewhere. Some would love to go to London, Berlin or Paris, others can’t wait to know Sydney, New York, Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai or São Paulo, heck, there are many places to see! I, for one and, naively, would like to know the world. But I don’t mean just the main global capitals, that’d be nice but not everything I want. And I don’t mean just visit either. What, I’ve got about 40, maybe 50 years ahead of me? That’s not much time left, and I’m sure I won’t become an actual immortal.

Then again, I’m not entirely sure about the need to travel to places, mostly since booksand now the internet– can take me pretty much anywhere. Still, it’d be nice to live for a few years in different places. For instance…

Ah, Amsterdam, such a nice place to be!

This is the dream of many youngsters. Imagine, a place with legalized weed, prostitution and some clubs! Although I’d just stick with the clubs, living in Amsterdam for a few years would be nice. I honestly have no idea of what I’d do to survive there, sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Get a job as a book store clerk or a librarian, carry loads of fishes and other sort of foods somewhere, or even get by fixing old people’s computers for a reasonable price. All I’m aware is that it’d be an amazing experience!

São Paulo!

Are you kidding me? This city has an incredible cultural diversity, and I wouldn’t mind working there as, well, pretty much anything. Though it’d be nice to try my luck as an assistant graphic designer. Sure, I have no practical experience in the area, and although I’m handy using softwares, I can’t draw to save my life (thus, assistant), but it’d still be nice. And I don’t really care about the payment, as long as I can get a place to live, it’s relatively clean and can fit my computer. Also, internet connection. Then, I’m set.

Tokyo Tower brings back some good, old memories I'm rather fond of...

No, honestly, this is a silly wish I have. Tons of people go there just to “teach English”, and that’s also one of the things I want to do. Mainly because I know English and I like to teach. Granted, I’m not graduated for that, but I’ll be in some time, so no worries there. Plus, it’d be just lovely. I know, millions crowded in tiny places etc., but that wouldn’t bother me. What would, though, is the supposed bias on foreigners. Who knows, I could also work full-time at an electronic store, or help at a takoyaki place. I’m pretty sure I know how to cook  a few of these, according to the number of videos I saw and articles I read about it. At least I hope I know how to. I’d also love to just stay at a Buddhist temple, praying and helping the place out, no problems whatsoever. Talk about eclectic.

But I’d be cool doing anything else too, like racing or drifting for money.

Despite what people say, it was a good film.

Ah, the Vatican. Such beauty!

Just thinking of this place makes me wonder all the historical events that took place there, and how awesome it’d be for me to live there for some time, studying them. Funnily enough, I’d just have to learn Latin and, maybe, just maybe, Greek (I’d also love to stay some time in Greece!), then I’d be set as some sort of translator. Or interpreter. Or no, I could work again on a small store, I really don’t mind about income, as said above. As long as I can get by, that’d be fine. And again, this would also be one hell of an experience! Mmh… Or I could graduate in Theology and go there, that could work too. I suppose.

I knew something was amiss! London!

Bouncer. Yeah, I’d work as a bouncer in here and, although I’m almost sure I wouldn’t be hired, it’d still be awesome to be one. That or learn how to produce some cool beats, organize a few set lists and improvise as a DJ of sorts. No, no dubstep. I even thought of applying to work on London’s police force, or do some of the other jobs mentioned above. Anyhow, that’d be great! Not one of the safest places ever, but it’s not like I don’t live in a place like that too. Maybe I could get a job at a local clinic too, doing some minor work of sorts. Not that I’d mind going to other places, like Africa for instance, and do that. It’d also contribute to remarkable experiences in life!

Seoul, the marvelous capital of South Korea!

Oh look, another Asiatic capital! But still, in here I think I’d give a shot as a stock market employee. Or, although highly unlikely, get a job as a writer for a Korean pop magazine which debuts new bands every month or so. Yeah, that could work nicely, I guess. Plus, I’d get to listen to all that k-pop every day just fine. I could even work as an assistant at the music entertainment business… Now I’m strongly tempted to stay there for more than a couple of years. Oh well.

I mean, look:

Not for many, granted, but I for one really like them. All of them.

Sweet, sweet Paris!

Paris is easy, if I get good at drawing I’ll be just one more of the many sketch artists who wander aimlessly around the Eiffel Tower, or even better, work at a bakery shop! Or a café, as a waiter… Although my coordination isn’t all that good, I do think I could serve one table at a time. Perhaps two if I try hard enough!

But, realistically speaking, I probably won’t be able to live in all of these places for a few years, but just visiting them, taking a few semi-professional pictures and writing about it would already be amazing.

(I own none of the images or videos above)

Wondering if it’s hard to get a place in Seoul or Tokyo,

Arthur Müller.


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